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Where to short bitcoin

Therefore, shorting BTC has limited gains but unlimited losses.

How to short-sell Bitcoin through Margin Trading (Step-by-Step)

As demonstrated above, there are multiple ways to short Bitcoin. In this section, we will highlight the simplest of these methods and that is margin trading. We encourage you to research extensively and learn about all the available avenues before settling on whichever method you may find congruent with your trading strategy.

The platform of choice for this tutorial is Binance.com, which is the leading cryptocurrency trading platform by daily trading volume.

Where to short bitcoin

No fees are charged on futures settlement.

How quickly can you start shorting after signup?

You can start shorting as soon as you’ve registered, which is quick as no ID verification is required unless you want to withdraw more than $1,000 or equivalent in another currency per day. The longest anyone has waited is two business days.

Short Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin Futures are the most popular mainstream cryptocurrency futures today. Here we’re referring to traditional Futures with fixed settlement date, not the perpetual contract variant that can be traded with the brokers mentioned above.

Cash-settled futures are listed on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

“Cash-settled” means actual BTC does not back these futures.

Where to short bitcoin in us

In this guide, we will discuss how to benefit from a falling cryptocurrency market by shorting Bitcoin. Specifically, the guide will show you how to short Bitcoin, why you would consider doing it, ways of shorting crypto, and some of the inherent risks you should pay attention to. In addition, there is a detailed step-by-step guide to shorting Bitcoin on the Binance exchange.

About shorting Bitcoin

Short selling, or simply ‘shorting,’ is an investment strategy in which a speculator aims to benefit from a fall in an asset’s price.
Essentially, if a trader believes that an asset’s price will fall in the future, they can take short positions by borrowing that asset from a broker, selling it at the current price, and buying it back at a later time when the price has fallen.

Where to short bitcoin reddit

This facilitates short-term speculative trades that didn’t develop as planned.

Can you short cryptocurrency?

Yes, one of the easiest ways to do so is via a crypto margin exchange. Margin trades allow traders and investors to make a trade by “borrowing” money from the exchange.

How do I short Bitcoin successfully?

You obtain a short-time loan through the reserves of the exchange and sell their Bitcoin when the price is high, like it is at present (end 2020). When (if) the price drops, you buy it back. You keep the difference (your profit) after deducting broker fees and pay the original loan amount back.

Where can you short Bitcoin?

A cryptocurrency margin trading platform offers the best opportunities to short BTC.

Where to short btc

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Why traders short-sell Bitcoin

There are several reasons to short Bitcoin, which stem from the multiple goals held by various investors.

Where to short cryptocurrency

If these coins were to enter the market, the price of Bitcoin would see a huge correction to reflect the added supply.

Risks of Shorting Bitcoin

Short sales are considered a risky trading strategy because they limit gains even as they magnify losses. Shorting is especially risky if the lender calls in the assets before prices have a chance to drop. There are some techniques you can employ to simplify the process, however, none are full proof.

Let’s examine the same example from before using the $12,000 Bitcoins that dropped down to $10,000.
In the first scenario the short completed according to plan, the price of Bitcoin dropped and the investor repaid their debts to the lender.

Where to short sell crypto

Within two weeks, the trader rolled those March $25 puts to April $21 puts, collecting a more than 50% gain on the original puts and upping his/her bet to a total cost of $2.912M.

Vocab Check

Roll: Selling an option and simultaneously buying another option in the same equity with the same directional bias. Can be at a lower strike (rolling down), at a higher strike (rolling up), at a further expiration (rolling out) or at a nearer expiration (rolling in).

One month later, the newly rolled trade wasn’t going his/her way — BITO had risen to $25.72 from $23.73. But rather than cutting the trade, this trader rolled up.

Where to short crypto reddit

If they are wrong, they will be forced to buy BTC at the market price, which is higher than the settlement price, theory making a loss.

On the flip side, the trader could also opt to take the buyer role in the contract if they believe the price of BTC will rise above the settlement price. If that’s the case, they will be obligated to buy the asset at a discount, but if they are wrong, they will do the same at a premium.

The following major crypto trading platforms will allow you to trade Bitcoin Futures:

  • Binance (Global);
  • FTX (US & Global);
  • KuCoin;
  • Kraken.


You’ll be taken through a simple signup verification that involves entering a valid email. However, the platform has two different ID verification levels. On level 0, only basic details are required. Proof of ID is required on level 1.

Binance (Futures/Leveraged Tokens)

What kinds of deposit are accepted?

BTC, ETH, XRP, and two fiat currencies: the US dollar and the naira.

How much leverage is offered?

From 1 to 125x.

What are the fees?

The exchange charges a flat fee of 0.1%.

How quickly can you start shorting after signup?

Future users must undergo a stringent procedure that includes uploading an ID card, a passport, a driver’s license, or another ID document.
After verifying your data, the exchange sends out email notifications.

Where to short bitcoiner

This is where you place a limit sell above the current market price or a limit buy below it.

The taker fee applies when liquidity is taken away from the order book if you buy or sell using a market order. You will pay the taker fee if 1 BTC costs $18,000 on the market and you market buy at this price because you’ve taken coins (liquidity) away from the order book. Hidden orders always incur the taker fee. However, if the hidden order matches your limit order, the maker fee is paid.

How quickly can you start shorting after signup?

Your deposit is credited to your account after one confirmation on the Bitcoin network, which takes about 10 minutes.

You will see a notification on your trading dashboard and get an email.

Where to short bitcoins


  1. Three Ways to Short Bitcoin
  2. How Institutions & Hedge Funds Use Options to Short Bitcoin
  3. The Bottom Line: How Can You Make Bearish Bets on Bitcoin?

(~BTCUSD) has been on a massive downward spiral following its November 2021 all-time high. The leading cryptocurrency is currently down more than 70% since then.

According to a recent survey, the majority of investors believe there’s more downside for BTC ahead.

The last time Bitcoin traded at $10,000 was nearly two years ago in September of 2020.

With the success of Bitcoin bears throughout 2022, you may be wondering how you can join in on the bearish betting.

Three Ways to Short Bitcoin

There are a few different ways to bet against Bitcoin, each with its own pros and cons.

Where to short bitcointalk

In the world of crypto investment, whenever you buy an asset and predict that its value will rise in the future, it is said to be going long on it. But what if the prices are expected to fall?

This is where the concept of short selling comes into play. In this article, we’ll debunk everything from what is short selling and how to short Bitcoin, and as a bonus question, we’ll show you how to short Bitcoin on Coinbase.
So let’s get started.

What Is Shorting?

Short selling (also known as ‘shorting’) is a financial strategy that allows you to make money from a drop in the price of an asset. The objective of shorting Bitcoin is to sell the cryptocurrency at a high price and then repurchase it at a much lower price.

Having this said, it is also important to consider the risks that are related to shorting Bitcoin.

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