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Where to buy beacon chain

Download XDEFI Wallet: the best BNB Beacon Chain (BNB) wallet.

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What is BNB Beacon Chain?

BNB Beacon Chain was first known simply as Binance Chain and launched in 2019 by Binance. In Feb 2022, Binance announced a renaming of Binance Chain to BNB Beacon Chain as part of a wider rebranding together with the newer BNB Smart Chain. Tokens on BNB Beacon Chain are identified as BEP2 tokens.

What makes BNB Beacon Chain unique?

One of the earliest blockchains built using Cosmos SDK Underpins one of the earliest decentralized exchanges, the Binance DEX

What are the core features of BNB Beacon Chain?

  • Built using Cosmos SDK
  • Instant finality
  • Launched by Binance, the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the world

What is the native token of BNB Beacon Chain and where can I buy it?

The native token is the BEP2 BNB (formerly Binance Coin, now rebranded as “Build and Build” coin). It is needed to pay for gas fees for all transactions on Binance Chain network, and also for governance of the chain. BEP2 BNB can be purchased through Centralized Exchanges, including KuCoin, Binance, FTX and others. There are decentralized bridging solutions between BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain, including in-built into Binance Chain Wallet. The decentralized exchange, Binance DEX, is also an option to swap for BEP2 BNB and other BEP2 tokens. To avoid using a CEX, utilize the cross-chain swap functionality within XDEFI Wallet or utilize THORChain interfaces to swap to BEP2 BNB, or other BEP2 tokens.

Where can I get a BNB Beacon Chain wallet?

XDEFI Wallet allows you to safely store, send, and swap BNB Beacon Chain (BNB) tokens directly within the wallet.XDEFI Wallet is multichain and supports more than 9000 tokens including BNB Beacon Chain (BNB) and all BEP2 tokens.

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