Tom brady 600 touchdowns ball

tom brady 600 touchdowns ball

Tom Brady reached another major milestone on Sunday afternoon against the Chicago Bears. He became the first quarterback ever to throw 600 touchdown passes.

The historic moment came late in the first quarter when he rifled in a nine-yard pass to Mike Evans. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver made the catch to give his team a 21-0 advantage and Brady another huge resume boost.

However, Evans nearly tarnished the important accomplishment by giving the ball that Brady threw to him to a fan in the stands at Raymond James Stadium. Buccaneers staff was forced to go over to the fan and ask for the ball back.

Thankfully, that patron complied, but he probably will regret the decision after learning how much that football was worth.

Fan gets Tom Brady’s 600th TD ball after Mike Evans handed it to him not realizing what it was.

The Bucs staff came over to ask for it back and fan complied.

Just spoke with @KenGoldin of @GoldinAuctions. Said the ball is worth $500,000 at minimum.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) October 24, 2021

“>According to Darren Rovell, who spoke with Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions, that ball is worth $500,000 at a minimum.

The fan likely didn’t have much say in the matter, given the historic importance that the football has. Hopefully, the Buccaneers find another way to give him a souvenir or an experience to make up for it.

Evans also got the opportunity to make another fan’s day during the Bucs-Bears game when he caught another touchdown pass in the second quarter. He ran up to the edge of the stands and handed that football to a woman near the front row.

Evans would add a third touchdown just before the end of the half. Not shockingly, he gave that ball away too.

Brady was masterful throughout Sunday’s game, even when he wasn’t breaking league barriers. In the first half, he went 15-for-28 for 149 yards and four touchdowns. That brought his career mark up to 602 passing scores, 31 more than former New Orleans Saints great Drew Brees.

The Bucs led the Bears 35-3 at halftime and seem to be well on their way to a 6-1 record.

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