Tom brady 600 touchdown ball worth

tom brady 600 touchdown ball worth

The NFL fan that returned Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball may be regretting his decision as it has just been reported that the ball could be worth well over $500,000 USD.

Given to fan Byron Kennedy by wide receiver Mike Evans, the historic ball was actually handed off in error as Evans was not aware of the milestone play that just occurred. Shortly after receiving the football, a staff member of the Buccaneers approached Kennedy to negotiate the return of the ball as a request by none other than Tom Brady himself.

In the end, the ball was returned and Kennedy was compensated with two signed jerseys and a helmet from Brady, $1,000 USD credit to the team store, Mike Evans’ game cleats, and season passes to the rest of the season and next season. While Brady is commending Kennedy for his act of kindness, the internet is chiming in saying that with that amount of money on the line, it was foolish to return the ball. Even Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions tweeted that the ball could have sold anywhere from $500,000 – $900,000 USD. What would you have done? Let us know if you would have done the same in the poll section below.

After catching @TomBrady’s 600th career touchdown, @MikeEvans13_ accidentally gave the ball to a fan.

Given how historic this ball is as the first 600th TD in NFL history, I’d estimate this ball to be worth a minimum of $500,000 (and possibly much more).

— Ken Goldin (@KenGoldin) October 24, 2021

The Bucs had to negotiate to get Brady’s 600th TD ball back from a fan ?

— NFL on CBS ? (@NFLonCBS) October 24, 2021

Mike Evans giving away Tom Brady’s 600th TD pass is really something else; of course, the Bucs staff got that ball back for him.

— Zak (@CaramelPhd) October 24, 2021

Byron Kennedy did NOT want money from the @Buccaneers for that football. BUT, he tells me he does have one request. Can we make this happen, @TomBrady [email protected]/k6sQB16yMj

— Andrew Siciliano (@AndrewSiciliano) October 25, 2021

If I was the fan who got @TomBrady’s 600th touchdown ball, I would have relayed this message to him:

– Meet meet me on the 9th green at 9 – $500K cash in a briefcase – Has to wear all his Super Bowl rings – Dress Nice

— Shooter McGavin (@ShooterMcGavin_) October 25, 2021

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