Solanabased nft eden 27m series

The CEO of the company said that the team is planning to make Magic Eden a much more than just a simple marketplace of tokens. Their big plan is to make web3 really different from web2. Team wants to create a main place for engaging and online interaction of creators, supporters and collectors. Many professional people from different industries in the team of Magic Eden are trying to create an excellent and user-friendly platform for all people that can create and mint without additional troubles.

Magic Eden is becoming stronger and stronger with the launch in October, 2021 marketplace eclipsed daily NFT transactions of OpenSea for the moment. Currently the platform holds 90% market share of all Solana based marketplaces in both terms of trade volume and number of transactions. Also it has strong positions in the sphere of NFT video games.

Also Magic Eden launched its own DAO platform which is based on Magic Tickets, 30,000 of tokens which allows voting on the company’s DAO platform. The 3 main goals of this DAO are rewards, governance and social interconnectivity.

The team of the platform is really strong. There are people from such hot companies as Uber, Google, Marriott and Coinbase. From the words of the founders new funding will be used for the new team members and partnerships and gaming sphere of NFT. Also, company wants to launch its own mobile application soon. Users will be able to trade, mint and browse on the platform through this app.

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