Solana nft projects list

The best type of solana nft wallet is Phantom wallet chrome extension.

Always be sure to use official NFT marketplaces, such as Magic Eden. Exchanging NFTs or selling them directly off exchanges can leave you vulnerable to hacks and scams.

Solana’s gas fee is one of the lowest in the industry, and this makes a favorable blockchain for those who want to mint new NFT projects and investors. Solana may not be as popular as Ethereum, but it has great prospects for risk-taking users. The rise in demand for Solana continues to make it popular as it relies on a strong community of partners.

Solana also represents an NFT market that is more afforable to Ethereum, especially with the cheaper gas prices.

Solana nft projects list

With the latter mechanism, participants can complete tasks, ‘fish’, craft, compete – activities not associated with the first wave of farming protocols. Having already integrated several other projects (SolFarm, Orca, Raydium), DeFi Land will conduct an NFT land sale early next year and roll out user governance.
There are plans, too, to expand support to other blockchains.

10. WhaleMap

“Are long term HODLers selling, at what prices are large players accumulating, is the market overheated with greed?” All questions that WhaleMap was designed to answer.
A data-driven platform founded by a core team of physicists and designers, WhaleMap extracts raw bitcoin transactions from multiple nodes in real-time then aggregates the information (whale selling volumes, accumulation patterns, etc) into a range of analytic tools to inform the perspective of investors.

The project’s promise was reflected by a recent funding round that saw it raise over $4m from a clutch of esteemed VCs.

2. Nova

A winner of Solana’s 2021 summer hackathon, Nova is a programmable asset framework that enables users to create portfolios of crypto-assets (including NFTs) that automatically generate returns via multiple mechanisms.
The decentralized management layer is pitched at the wider retail audience who have largely missed out on the gains to be earned from DeFi participation thus far. Although built on Solana, Nova plans to ultimately support a wider range of assets and networks to deliver maximum value to its users.
Nova will be launching their IDO on Solanium on December 09.


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For instance, since Artz is a decentralized NFT marketplace, which means users interact with one another instead of going through a centralized platform. As a result, if you create an NFT, it stays in your wallet until the marketplace – – finds a buyer.

Additionally, Artz aims to provide a secure platform for its users.

This is done through user verification on the marketplace. None of your personal information is shown, however, you must verify all transactions by signing them.

Otherwise, they won’t be approved. Artz does this to prevent other users from hijacking your account.

All NFTs are “hidden” until the user lists them on the marketplace. Once they’re unhidden, others on Artz can see any activity associated with your NFTs.

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Ratio Finance

Created to help investors unlock the power of their Solana liquidity, Ratio Finance effectively aids those who want to leverage locked LP in yield farms and earn better returns. The model relies on collateralized debt positions (CDPs) in the form of a soft-pegged stablecoin, USDr, that is variously used to pay off loans, initiate investments, or cover debt for a Ratio Vault.

Next year, the project will implement UX improvements while adding governance and introducing new financial products to help users de-risk DeFi.

4. Crowny

Imagine you could earn daily rewards for interacting with your favourite businesses and businesses could benefit from real and engaging loyalty programs. That’s the idea behind Crowny, a privacy-focused solution that works for both brands and end users.

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A rewards program also compensates those who facilitate trading in the orderbook DEX.

6. RaceFi

Most metaverses revolve around a dreamy fantasy-scape ripe for exploration, but with RaceFi, all virtual travel occurs on four wheels.

The first AI/ML car racing game to feature on Solana, it supports several race modes (PvP, PvE, battle race) while also giving players the chance to earn by owning in-game property: garages, show-rooms, racetracks and billboards. Set to launch in Q2 of 2022, RaceFi is bringing something fresh and different to the growing metaverse sector and should appeal to crypto-loving petrolheads everywhere.

In the meantime, interested parties can participate in RaceFi’s upcoming IDOs and listing happening in early December.


Solana nft projects listener

Toward the end of 2021, Solana (SOL) was all the rage, becoming so popular it flipped Cardano. While it has since cooled off, Solana remains one of the hottest projects in the crypto industry.

Many in the market are using SOL to buy their favorite NFTs.

If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck! We’ve created a guide of the best Solana NFT marketplaces.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Magic Eden


First up on our list of best Solana NFT marketplaces is Magic Eden.

This marketplace has risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular places to mint, buy, and sell Solana-based non-fungible tokens. The platform does nearly 4,500 SOL in transactions each day.

Its launchpad offers amazing incentives and features for its users.

Creators can make and launch entire collections tailored to their personal desires.

With a personalized profile and artist space, it’s clear that cares about all members on its platform, not how many or how few NFTs you have.

Wallets Supported

  • Phantom

5. Solible


The fifth Solana NFT marketplace on our list is Solible.

Using Solible, users can create NFTs that link to real-world physical items or ones that represent digital assets. It’s entirely up to the creator.

For instance, users can purchase real-world items like t-shirts or paintings using their Solana.

Solible has offerings that include DOGE-inspired Shiba Inu memes or a Bitcoin tram. Plus, since the Solible NFT marketplace ported to Serum, one of Solana’s largest decentralized exchanges, there are plenty of opportunities for artists and creators.

If you trade your NFTs using the Solible NFT marketplace, you can redeem them for various cryptocurrencies, including USDC, FRONT, and SRM, Serum’s native token. While Solible still has a ways to go to become one of the top Solana NFT marketplaces, it’s definitely a viable option.

Supported Wallets

  • Phantom
  • Solflare

6. SolPort


SolPort is a Solana NFT marketplace that claims it is the “most complete marketplace on Solana.” The SolPort platform is unique among NFT marketplaces in that it states it’s intent is not to focus on money, but rather to “build the best possible product for people to use.” SolPort focuses on delivering what they promise to its users.

For example, currently, SolPort is a solid Solana NFT platform.

Essentially, the mobile application allows consumers to control which type of content and deals they wish to see and when, while brands can reach their target audience through push notifications, geofencing and QR codes. The native $CRWNY token plays a key role, flowing into the wallets of those who participate in campaigns tailored to their area of interest.



Having just passed the $20 million mark for daily trading volume, Aldrin’s decentralized exchange is really motoring – but there’s plenty more to the platform than a slick Solana DEX. As well as a soon-to-launch centralized counterpart, the platform offers a token (RIN) designed to incentivize participation in the whole ecosystem.

With RIN, users can stake to receive a portion of fees generated by the platform, as well as a derivative (sRIN) of their pledged assets.

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