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Shiba listed on kraken

shiba listed on kraken

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, will not list Shiba Inu coin on its platform just yet, upsetting fans of the meme-bases cryptocurrency.

🐙♥️🐶 #SHIBArmy we’ve heard you loud & clear!

Community is an important part of our considerations for all listings, and you have clearly shown your support.

There’s more work for us to do as we move through our listing review process.

— Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx) November 2, 2021

Per Business Insider, Kraken hinted that it would add Shiba Inu coin onto its platform, allowing people to trade and exchange the crypto token on yet another platform.

But then, Kraken said Tuesday in a Twitter thread that it would not add the coin right now. The company said there is more work to do in the thorough listing review process.

Shiba listing kraken

Kraken is set to list Shiba Inu on Tuesday, according to an announcement made by the company on Twitter.

Kraken approached the listing in an unorthodox way. Instead of making a formal announcement, Kraken’s product lead, Brian Hoffman, challenged Shiba Inu fans to like the post at least 2,000 times.

This, of course, was an easily achievable target for one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency communities.

?♥️?♥️?♥️?♥️?@brianchoffman said if we get 2,000 likes we will list $SHIB tomorrow – but he doesn’t think we can do it.#SHIBArmy where you at?

? ? ? ? ? ♥️

— Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx) November 1, 2021

At press time, the tweet has collected over 17,600 likes, meaning that the hottest cryptocurrency is now set to appear on the trading platform as early as Tuesday.

Shiba Inu became available on Coinbase in mid-September.

Shiba listing on kraken

But at the moment it doesn’t look like SHIB will be listed.

There are also those who are sounding the alarm regarding the umpteenthmemecoinwith the muzzle of a dog.

The first to distance himself wasElon Musk, who admitted that he had no SHIB tokens.

Edward Snowdenalso wanted to clarify his position with a series of tweets:

“I say this with love: if you got talked into exchanging your hard-earned savings for some new dog money because a meme said you’d get rich, please carefully consider your odds of outsmarting a market that sold to you its stake innot even dog money but a CLONE of dog money”.

He added:

“Also if you are mad at this tweet you probably need to reduce your position size”.

Although it has never been named, it is impossible not to detect a reference to Shiba Inu in these words.

Shiba list on kraken

He asked for just2,000 interactions to list the tokenconsidered theDogecoin Killer.

At the time of writing this article, there are 14,000 retweets, 1,000 quote tweets, and 56,000 likes.The 2,000 like threshold has been far exceeded.

The price of SHIB

Shiba Inu has had a great week, culminating in arecord high of $0.00008845in recent days. Since that peak, SHIB has been retreating, losing 20%.

Even today,Shiba Inu is in the negative, posting -2%. At the time of writing this piece,SHIB is worth $0.00007044.

But the vertical rise of the past few weeks has increased interest in the Dogecoin killer, which has just managed toovertake DOGEin ninth place among the most capitalized cryptocurrencies.

Fears and enthusiasm

Meanwhile, the army of Shiba Inu lovers wants to see it listed everywhere.

Shiba inu listed on kraken

Shiba Inu is proving to be ahighly speculative token. And like all speculative tokens, big rises can be followed by equally sudden falls, as evidenced by the -20% fall in just a few days.

As crypto-investorLark Davissaid, Shiba Inu fans should have no illusions.
Shiba will not beworth a penny, let alone a dollar.

For this prediction to be disproved, Shiba fans would have to hope for a1,000-fold or more growth. Given the rally that has just taken place, this seems unlikely to happen again.

But the crypto market can be very unpredictable and who knows whether a speculative token born to emulate another, which itself was created as a joke, will not end up surprising even the most knowledgeable.

Shiba inu listing on kraken

Shiba Inu is about to be listed on Kraken. The exchange asked its users if they wanted the token to be listed as a trading pair, and the users responded with a clear preference.

Kraken’s tweet that unleashed the Shiba Inu army

The idea of listing Shiba Inu today on Kraken started with a tweet:

🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶@brianchoffman said if we get 2,000 likes we will list $SHIB tomorrow – but he doesn’t think we can do it.#SHIBArmy where you at?

👇 👇 👇 💬 🔁 ♥️

— Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx) November 1, 2021

Brian Offman is Kraken’s lead product.

Shiba inu list on kraken

  • Kraken exchange will soon list Shiba Inu (SHIB).
  • Reports say that this will commence today, November 2.
  • This is another proof that SHIB is indeed one of the fastest-growing cryptos today.
  • Reportedly, Kraken — a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, will list Shiba Inu (SHIB) today, November 2. The company made this known to the public via its Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) account.

    @brianchoffman said if we get 2,000 likes we will list $SHIB tomorrow – but he doesn’t think we can do it.#SHIBArmy where you at?

    — Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx) November 1, 2021

    The exchange has announced the listing in a rather eccentric manner.

    Will shiba list on kraken

    Community engagement, according to a company spokesperson, is one step in the process.

    • ”There’s more work for us to do as we move through our listing review process,” the crypto exchange said.

    This instantly upset the Shiba Inu community — commonly known as the Shiba Army — who were excited to see the coin listed on another platform. Now, they’ll have to wait a little longer.

    • “Many users questioned why the exchange would make a pledge it did not intend to honor, while others threatened to delete their Kraken accounts,” according to Business Insider, “Yet others called on fans to have patience.”

    The Kraken move would have happened before Shiba Inu coin made it to Robinhood, which is one of the biggest investing and cryptocurrency trading platforms out there.

    Shiba getting listed on kraken

    Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has finally added support for the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency after almost a month of anticipation.

    The San Francisco-based trading platform has already opened deposits for the canine token. The minimum deposit is 373,000 SHIB.

    Trading will go live on Tuesday.
    Kraken users will be able to purchase and trade SHIB with dollars and euros.

    As reported by U.Today, Kraken announced that it would list Shiba Inu in early November, but it then started kicking the can down the road on the listing to the chagrin of the Shiba Inu community.

    Shiba Inu is already available on such major U.S. crypto exchanges as Coinbase and Gemini.

    Earlier this month, the meme coin also started trading in South Korea for the first time.

    The Shiba Inu price is up 2.5% on the announcement. It is down more than 40% this November.

    Shiba inu listed on kraken today

    As seen in the tweet, instead of formally making an announcement, Brian Hoffman — Kraken’s Product Lead challenged the Shiba army to like his post 2,000 times.

    Of course, seeing how vast the Shiba army and supporters are, the community easily achieved the target. In fact, at the time of writing, the said tweet already garnered around 54,400 likes, 13,700 retweets, and 967 quote tweets.
    This means that the fastest-growing cryptocurrency is now on track to appear on Kraken.

    Notably, Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) — one of the largest U.S. exchanges, also listed SHIB last September. This became a hot topic in the crypto space and the entire community viewed this as the main reason for SHIB’s massive rally last month.

    Now dubbed as “Dogecoin killer”, SHIB still proves to gain a lot of attraction from different trading platforms.

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