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Sent eth to wrong address

sent eth to wrong address

Situation #1:Sent ETH to your THETA Wallet.

These are instructions for how to recoup your ETH below:

The ETH you sent to the Theta wallet address is still on Ethereum blockchain and can be accessed via an Ethereum wallet like MyEtherWallet. Since MEW and other Ethereum wallets don’t use the same format of seed phrase as Theta wallet, you will just need to derive the private key from your Theta seed phrase, then use that to access the address in MEW. Here is the procedure. It might look complex, but only takes a couple minutes to complete if you follow the instructions carefully. Note, if you set your Theta Wallet up using the web wallet and have the private key (not just a seed phrase), you can skip to step 6.

So first we need to take your Theta wallet seed phrase and get the private key from it.

Sent eth to wrong address

You can definitely use the same keys. You cannot actually send ETH to ETC or vice versa (if I hand you a US dollar, even if you were expecting a Euro, it’s still a US dollar). It looks like you sent ether on the ETC chain in Polloniex. To regain access to this ETC, open an ETC wallet program and import the keys created by your ETH wallet.

In theory (or at least for the purposes of this discussion), every Ethereum address has a key that unlocks it.
When you “create an Ethereum address”, you’re really generating a secret (private) key and then figuring out which account it unlocks. Since the same keys work in both the ETH chain and ETC chain, when you generate an Ethereum account key, it unlocks both accounts.

Sent eth to wrong address metamask

Ethereum/Ethereum Classic troubleshooting

Some of the common issues with your Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) inside of Exodus wallet and how to fix them.

These instructions only work using the desktop version of Exodus.

In this article:

  • How is it possible to send to the wrong address?
  • How to recover Ethereum (ETH) sent to your Ethereum Classic (ETC) wallet
  • How to recover Ethereum Classic (ETC) sent to your Ethereum (ETH) wallet

How is it possible to send to the wrong address?

Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are two separate currencies. However, the addresses are identical in format, so it’s very easy to accidentally send ETH to ETC and vice versa.

If you do this by mistake, your transaction will show confirmations, but your funds will never appear in your wallet.

Sent eth to wrong address coinbase

Since all accounts start off as empty, if you look for your account balance on the wrong chain, you’ll see it has no ether.

Thus, you should think of your address (and account) as an Ethereum address (and account). The keys for all Ethereum accounts unlock ether stored in the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum (non-classic) chains. However, the amount of ether each account contains depends on which blockchain you check.
When you sent ether on the ETC chain from Poloniex, the Ethereum account with the address 0x407e1bb8b5c114e40469eedb5632518b68f9be38 on the Ethereum Classic chain was credited with 7.49 ether. Since it’s on the Ethereum Classic chain, we say that you sent 7.49 ETC. No ether was sent on the Ethereum (non-classic) chain, so 0 ETH was sent.

Sent eth to wrong address reddit

There is no realistic way to get it back, when you are not very fast.

When you are fast, you could publish another transfer of all your balance to another account you own and make sure to set a high gas price. When your frist transaction isnt added to the block chain yet, it may be that the new transaction will be first in the block chain and because you then have a balance of 0, nothing can be transferred anymore. However this is not guaranteed, even when you’re fast (at least it’s impossible to guarantee when you control less than 51% of the mining power).
After a few confirmations/following blocks it will be practically impossible.

It is not possible to get access to another account you don’t know the secret key for. The address is derived from the public key, which is derived from the private key, not the other way round.

Sent ethereum to wrong address

What is the difference between Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon?

First, you need to figure out what is the difference between these networks and why a mistake in choosing a network can cost you a loss of funds.

Ethereum — cryptocurrency and platform for creating decentralized applications based on smart contracts. FixedFloat supports ERC20.

Ethereum Classic is a fork that retains the original source of the Ethereum platform.

Binance Smart Chain — Binance’s own blockchain compatible with Ethereum.

Send eth to wrong address

I incorrectly sent some ETC from my bter account to an ETH address on Poloniex.



After waiting for a couple of months on a response they told me: “I’m sorry, your ETH deposit address is blockchain specific so ETC can not be recovered from it.”

Is there still anything I can do, or are the coins really lost forever?

What is a blockchain specific deposit address anyways?


Thanks for the responses. I mentioned the private key, but they specifically replied with the fact that my ETH address is “blockchain specific”.

Recover eth sent to wrong address


You need to recover your account via Mnemonics on Ellipal app a. Tap “add account “, import account , by Mnemonics b. Enter Mnemonics , name and password ,done. c. You will get a hot wallet.


Export private key a. Tap …behind account name , Export Private key , select ETH&ERC20 tokens. b. Copy private key c. Tap “Add account ” button, import account d. Tap”private key” select ETC e. Enter private key ,name .

password. Done f. You will get a private key ETC account with asset. then transfer the correct ETC address

3. Delete the hot wallet , then Connect Titan with Ellipal app.

How to recover eth sent to wrong address metamask

Network explorers can help you with this.

etherscan.io — explorer of the Ethereum network.

etcblockexplorer.com — explorer of the Ethereum Classic network.

bscscan.com — explorer of the Binance Smart Chain network.

polygonscan.com — explorer of the Polygon network.

After you have made sure that the coins arrived at your address on a different network, you can start restoring access to an address on this network. Much depends on which wallet or service you sent your coins to.

3.1. You have mistakenly sent tokens to a wallet that does not support the network on which the tokens were sent

In this case, you need to import your wallet private key into a new wallet that supports both networks.
Depending on the wallet you are importing, you can also use a seed phrase instead of a private key.

FixedFloat supports BEP20.

Polygon (MATIC Network) — blockchain modeled after the Ethereum network to address its scalability.

The main feature of these blockchains is that they have the same address format, starting with 0x, and access to them is carried out using a single private key. Because of this, cryptocurrency users sometimes make mistakes and send their coins to another network.

When creating an order for FixedFloat, the user can make a similar mistake in two cases: when selecting a network in the “Send” field or when selecting a network in the “Receive” field. Let’s consider these situations and their possible solutions.


You have sent coins to a FixedFloat address on a different network

If you entered the wrong network in the “Send” field when creating an order, your order will not be executed automatically.

Sent eth to wrong address-table

How to recover Ethereum (ETH) sent to your Ethereum Classic (ETC) wallet?

1First, navigate to the Ethereum Classic (ETC) section of your wallet.2Next, click on the Asset Menu in the upper right hand corner of your wallet. If you don’t see the Asset Menu option in your wallet, be sure to update to our latest release.3Select the Sweep for Ethereum option from your Asset Menu:

Your Ethereum (ETH) will be moved to your Exodus ETH address, and you will see it in your wallet’s balance.

How to recover Ethereum Classic (ETC) sent to your Ethereum (ETH) wallet?

1First, navigate to the Ethereum (ETH) section of your wallet.2Next, click on the Asset Menu in the upper right hand corner of your wallet.

Sent eth to wrong addressed

Alternatively, you can also reset your Ledger device to get a new recovery phrase after moving all funds to a temporary address, but that’s slightly more work.

  • Download MyCrypto’s desktop application and (optionally) move it to an offline, airgapped computer.
  • Select the mnemonic phrase option and enter your mnemonic phrase. Unless you use a passphrase, you can leave the passphrase field empty. Note that the PIN on the Ledger device is not your passphrase in this case.
  • Click choose your address, and change the derivation path again in the same way as mentioned above.

    You may have to use the “new” ETC derivation path again.

From there you can sign and send a transactionas normal.

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