Promising to mining performance nvidia actually

promising to mining performance nvidia actually

We’re witnessing an increasing number of cryptocurrency miners around the world and the frenzy seems to go on even in 2021. The Nvidia CMP chips for cryptocurrency mining is are already available in several countries for cryptocurrency miners and this might be promising to those who have recently been looking for video cards to play their favourite games on their PC. Crypto mining and video cards are strongly related and as soon as the adoption of a certain currency takes off GPU prices seem to increase as well. Nvidia with the CMP mining chips is trying to restore the balance on the hardware market with these new specialized hardware and Russian miners are already benchmarking the performance.

These new video cards, released a few weeks ago have no video output so users can only use them to mine cryptos. A famous Russian crypto currency miner decided to do a simple benchmark on the latest Nvidia CMP 30HX to measure the mining hashrate promised by the American solid state manufacturer giant.

On of the key takeaways for me was that if you buy a traditional GPU, you’re given a 2-3 year guaranty, whereas if you buy a specialized CMP card, your guarantee only lasts for 3 months so you really have to take care of your hardware.

Alright, let’s see the actual hashrates. The miner tested several coins including ethereum, ravencoin and conflux.

The CMP chip gets very hot in a few minutes and the cooling system is not very effective, so you have to monitor it’s status frequently and act in case needed. If the card is running on 100%, its temperature can easily reach 70°C or 158°F and this range is definitely not healthy for its solid state parts.

Mining Ethereum with CMP 30HX

Its power consumption can reach 100-110W when mining ethereum and you can change its core and memory frequency to lower the power consumption. The miner was able to attain 32Mh/s with optimal settings. You need to lower its operating frequency to achieve this.

With 32Mh/s and 74W power consumption, this the CMP 30HX chip can earn you 3.91 USD and you have to deduct your cost of electricity from this. This would come down to roughly 3.84 USD per day or 115 USD per month.

Mining Ravencoin with CMP 30HX

The CMP chip can mine ravencoin as well. The hashrate is around 15Mh/s, but in this case the card gets very hot (67°C or 152.6°F) so you have to attach an additional cooler to the card or solve this problem through other means. Mining ravencoin on the Nvidia CMP 30HX chip would earn you approximately 2 USD daily or 60 USD in a month.

Mining Conflux with CMP 30HX

If you’re mining Conflux, your hashrate will be around 26.9Mh/s and with 123W of power consumption you’d be end up mining 63.21 USD worth of Conflux in a month.

The Russian miner purchased the card for 720 USD, so by mining ethereum for a year he is able to recover his initial investment in less than a year supposing that the card is able to mine ethereum 24/7.

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