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Metamask secret recovery phrase

metamask secret recovery phrase

Anyone who has your phrase (key) can access the vault (or simply your wallet).

Searching for a way to find your secret recovery phrase on Metamask? We got you covered and in this article, you will learn how to find your Metamask recovery phrase easily!

What Is A “Secret Recovery Phrase” And Why Do You Need It?

Your secret recovery phrase simply acts as a key to access the “vault” in which your funds are stored (i.e your wallet).

When creating a wallet on Metamask or any other self-managed crypto wallet, you will receive a phrase that contains 12 words once the account has been successfully created.

These 12 words are simply your wallet’s private key in a human-readable format.

Metamask secret recovery phrase

[Settings] to navigate to the Metamask settings page.

Step 4: Scroll down and click on [Security & Privacy].

Scroll down and click on [Security & Privacy] on the Metamask settings page.

Step 5: Click [Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase].

Next, click on [Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase] to view your Metamask recovery phrase.

Step 6: Enter your account password and click on [Next].

Enter your Metamask password in the password field and click on [Next] to authorize the action.

Step 7: Click on [Copy to clipboard] to copy your recovery phrase.

Finally, click on [Copy to clipboard] to copy your secret recovery phrase to your computer’s clipboard.

Alternatively, you can click on [Save as CSV File] to save your recovery phrase as a CSV file.

Metamask secret recovery phrase qr

The focused Ethereum wallet- MetaMask can be used to store and swap cryptocurrencies on mobile and computer. You can access this wallet with the help of password or secret recovery phrase details. But in case you have lost both of these details then you may get into trouble accessing your MetaMask wallet.
However, the recovery of MetaMask wallet is only possible with the seed phrase details but there is still hope in case you have lost the private key of your account.

To those users who have lost the secret recovery phrase, MetaMask allows them to access the wallet with the help of a vault decryptor. Using the vault decryptor, you can get the secret recovery phrase of your wallet.

Metamask secret recovery phrase not working

MetaMask extension

  • Now, you need to right-click on the ‘Extensions’ icon
  • Choose ‘MetaMask’ to open it on your computer
  • Get to the ‘Inspect’ and click on it
  • Visit the ‘Console’ tab and type (or copy and paste) the below-mentioned command:
  • chrome.storage.local.get (‘data’, result = {var vault = result.data.KeyringController.vault console.log (vault)

    1. Now, press the ‘Enter’ button
    2. Visit the MetaMask Login vault decryptor site
    3. Paste the copied data and provide the password of your wallet
    4. Then, find and click the ‘Decrypt’ button
    5. Note down your 12-words secret recovery phrase


    To sum up, when it comes to recovering the MetaMask wallet the secret recovery phrase is a primary necessity.

    Metamask secret recovery phrase vs private key

    Blockchain uses a completely different set of security tools compared to traditional internet technologies. In a traditional setting — for example opening a Twitter account — you create a password to secure that account. That password can be reset by the company, if you, the user forgets it.
    This is not the case with Metamask as the key to unlocking your account is not centrally stored by the company. You are given a Secret recovery phrase when you create a wallet with Metamask.

    Intro to Secret Recovery Phrases

    With a crypto wallet you have what is called a seed phrase, or in Metamask, referred to as a Secret recovery phrase. It is a phrase consisting of 12 words generated with a high level of randomness and arranged in a specific order.

    Metamask secret recovery phrase nedir

    The settings page contains multiple options.

    This includes “General”, “Advanced”, “Contacts”, and more.

    Under the “Contacts” option, you’ll see the “Security & Privacy” option.

    The “Security & Privacy” option allows you to change your privacy settings and view your secret recovery phrase.

    Since you’re looking to find your secret recovery phrase, click on “Security & Privacy”.

    4. Click on “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase”

    After you’ve clicked on “Security & Privacy”, you’ll land on the “Security & Privacy” page.

    On the page, you’ll see multiple headers.

    This includes “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase”, “Show Incoming Transactions”, and “Use Phishing Detection”.

    Since you’re looking to find your secret recovery phrase, click on “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase”.


    Metamask secret recovery phrase how to enter

    The secret recovery phrase is used locally on your Metamask mobile app or in-browser extension wallet to derive that private key in a more streamlined and user-friendly way.

    Passwords and Metamask

    Metamask does use passwords but only for securing the app on your mobile phone or in-browser extension. Once a wallet is created or restored within Metamask, you won’t have to re-enter the secret recovery phrase on a regular basis. You will use a password (biometrics on mobile) to log in to and open the app.

    The secret recovery phrase must still be stored safely though.

    The Importance of Storing Your Secret Recovery Phrase

    It is important to note that this recovery phrase is the key to unlocking your wallet and is not like your traditional password used in web 2.0 technologies. The recovery phrase cannot be reset by Metamask as they do not custody the keys for you.

    Metamask secret recovery phrase qr code


    I’ve got my MetaMask Wallet suddenly logged out today with no reason. I didnt reset either my browser nor my computer. All the work went well till that suddenly happen.

    Ok. I GOT WRITTEN DOWN my Secret Recovery phrase (With no typos and in the correct order I’m totally sure!) and the password on the paper.

    1. When I entered the password it said that it’s not correct
    2. When I entered Secret Recovery phrase (in the right way! Tried million times) it said that it is invalid
    3. I tired to recover Secret Recovery phrase with the Vault Decryptor but it said “Problem decryptor vault”

    I used three Metamask wallets at the same time in that moment via different Google-accounts in the same browser. Two of them got suddenly logged out. One of them I couldnt recover.

    Metamask secret recovery phrase example

    If you ever have an issue with accessing the wallet, contact Metamask Customer Support directly (again, never share your recovery phrase with anyone). It is important that you write down the secret recovery phrase somewhere safe and always double check — no, triple check that the words are all spelled correctly and that you wrote down every word in the order that it was given to you. There are several options for safe storage of your recovery phrase:

    • Hand written, not typed, on a piece of paper (multiple copies in different locations and maybe laminated for waterproofing)
    • Metal plate phrase storage like Blockplate
    • Hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor

    To summarize things, your secret recovery phrase in Metamask is used to backup and restore your wallet.
    The secret recovery phrase should never be shared with anyone — ever.

    Metamask secret recovery phrase where to find

    Enter your MetaMask password

    After you’ve clicked on “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase”, you’ll land on the “Secret Recovery Phrase” page.

    If you ever change browsers or move computers, you need the secret recovery phrase to access your accounts.

    Hence, you need to save it somewhere safe and secret.

    Keep in mind that you cannot share your recovery phrase with anyone.

    This is because anyone with it can steal all of your accounts.

    To continue, enter your password in the “Enter password to continue” field and click on “Next”.

    Unfortunately, if you forgot your password, you won’t be able to see your secret recovery phrase.


    Metamask secret recovery phrase change

    Keeping crypto on non-custodial wallets like Metamask is a widely recommended method of ensuring your crypto assets are safely stored because holding crypto on centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase comes with risks of losing access to your funds due to regulatory issues, account suspensions, and hacks.

    Metamask like other self-managed crypto wallets allows you to receive, store, trade, and transact various cryptocurrencies all while staying as anonymous as possible.

    Unlike centralized exchanges which require you to give up your personal information in form of “KYC”, Metamask simply provides a framework, and users can do anything they want with it.

    Metamask gives you full control and responsibility for your cryptocurrency assets by handing over your secret recovery phrase to you.

    Think of this 12-word phrase like a key to the vault which stores your funds.

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