Live crypto candlestick charts

live crypto candlestick charts

Thanks to TradingView you get access to very helpful charts for trading/investing in Stocks/Futures/Forex and Cryto.


Ensure you have a recent version of node & npm or yarn installed.

All of the following steps run on the command line within this directory. You can substitute npm for yarn depending on your preferences.

Install all the necessary packages:

npm install


To build for distribution:

npm run build

All of the final output will be dropped into the /dist/ folder.


Run a local server that will automatically compile your code & refresh when you save a change!

npm run serve

Folder Structure

/exported-item/ |– /build/ – Build scripts | |– gulpfile.js – The tasks for the main build process | |– util.js – Utilities used by the tasks | |– /src/ – Your code | |– index.template.html – The wrapper around your compiled HTML that includes any external stylesheets and scripts | |– index.partial.(html|pug|haml|…) – The raw HTML input or preprocessor equivalent | |– style.(css|scss|less|…) – The raw CSS input, or preprocessor equivalent | |– script.(js|ts|coffee|…) – The raw JavaScript input, or preprocessor equivalent | |– /dist/ – The compiled output after running `npm run build` | |– index.html | |– script.js | |– style.css

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