Ledger live desktop app

ledger live desktop app

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Step-by-step guide

  • Step 1 – Install the Crypto.com DeFi Desktop Wallet app for Ledger and create the wallet

  • Step 2 – Create a wallet in Desktop Wallet with Ledger device

  • Step 3 – Before you perform transactions with the Ledger device

Confirm transactions in Desktop Wallet with Ledger device

Restoring a Ledger wallet

Step 1 – Install the Crypto.com DeFi Desktop Wallet app for Ledger and create the wallet

Step 1.1 – Connect and unlock your Ledger device

Step 1.2 – On your Ledger device, go to “Install app“.

Ledger live desktop app

Once you hit the “Receive” tab in the desktop wallet, your wallet address should be displayed. Depending on which asset you choose, you might need to open a different App on your ledger.


Supported Assets


CRO (Crypto.org Chain)


CRO (Cronos Chain)

Verify the address by clicking “Verify address on Ledger“, you should see the same address being displayed on your ledger device as well.

Step 3.2 – Once the address has been confirmed, copy this address and request some funds from the testnet faucet.



CRO (Crypto.org Chain)


CRO (Cronos Chain)


Step 3.3 – Your current balance will be available on the “Assets” page.

Ledger live desktop application

Here are some things to watch out for if you own a Ledger, or if you’re planning on owning one.

Fraudulent Ledger software

Ledger will NOT ask you to enter your 24-word mnemonic phrase onto Ledger live, or anywhere on your computer.

If you’re going to download Ledger Live, make sure to download it only through the legitimate Ledger website(https://www.ledger.com/ledger-live), and nowhere else.

Fraudulent versions of Ledger Live(for both mobile and desktop) are definitely spread onto the world wide web, in an attempt to steal users’ funds by tricking users into entering their 24-word mnemonic phrase onto the fraudulent software, effectively giving access to their funds to the scammers.

As we speak, Ledger Live is the only software that Ledger supports.

Ledger live desktop app not working

Sending and receiving is relatively straightforward. (If you are requiring further assistance, visit the support section of the official Ledger website.)

Ledger Live mobile

To set up the app on your mobile, simply visit Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. From there you can install the app by following the prompts. After installation and opening the app for the first time, you’ll see the following options:

  • Import your accounts from your Ledger Live desktop
  • Initialise as a new device
  • Restore from a recovery phrase
  • Use an initialised device

You can connect your hardware wallet to your phone directly using an OTG cable.

Ledger live desktop app download

If you own some XTZ tokens, you can stake them through the Ledger Live app to help secure the Tezos blockchain. Similarly, if you own some TRX, you can stake them to help secure the Tron blockchain.

In both cases, you will earn XTZ and TRX as compensation for choosing to participate in staking. Kind of like how your bank pays you some interest in an effort to get you to deposit your money with them.

When you are staking with Ledger Live, it is important to note that your private keys remain in your wallet at all times.
This means that you remain in control of your cryptocurrency at all times.

Universal 2nd Factor authentication

Since Ledger hardware wallets are secure ways to store private keys, the Ledger Live software can be configured to function as a multi-factor authentication (MFA) device.

Ledger live app vs desktop

You can also click on individual accounts to see how a specific cryptocurrency has evolved over time.

The portfolio interface looks like a Coinbase account. It’s well-designed and it’s a great way to get a quick look of your accounts.

Many Ledger users have been using tracker websites and apps. These services let you enter a cryptocurrency and the amount you own to get an overview of everything you own independently of the wallet.

Ledger’s new app partially replace tracker services.
If you don’t need to check your balance from your phone, you can get enough information with the Ledger app. You can see your balance without having to plug your Ledger device.

The company is already working on new features. You’ll be able to view and manager ERC20 tokens in the future.

Ledger Live as below:

You can confirm the installation by checking if the Crypto.org App shows up in the main menu of your Ledger device:

Remark: Once Crypto.org App & Ethereum are successfully installed, please remember to close the Ledger Live app before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2 – Create a wallet in Desktop Wallet with Ledger device

After the app is set, please conduct the following steps to create a wallet with the desktop wallet:

Step 2.1 – Download the latest Crypto.com DeFi Desktop Wallet here

Step 2.2 – Run the Crypto.com DeFi Desktop Wallet and click “Get started”:

Step 2.3 – Before creating your wallet, you would need to create an App password to protect your desktop wallet:

Step 2.4 – Afterwards, your wallet is ready to be created.

Ledger live desktop app-c

It will create tests/dump.json at the end of the spec.

Please put the image expectations at the end of the it(…) tests so that it does not break the whole flow if a snapshot breaks

Run code quality checks

yarn ci

File structure

src ├── main : the main process is the mother of all process. it boots internal and renderer process and starts the window. ├── internal : related to internal thread that runs commands, device logic, libcore,.. ├── renderer : everything related to the UI. │ ├── screens │ ├── modals │ ├── components : all components that are not screens or modals, flattened. │ ├── animations │ ├── icons │ ├── images │ ├── styles │ ├── bridge : logic related to interacting with accounts and currencies.

Ledger live desktop apps

French startup Ledger has been working for a while on a brand new app to manage your crypto assets on your computer. The company is designing and manufacturing one of the most secure hardware wallets out there.

While it’s clear that security has always been the first focus of the company, the user experience has been lacking, especially on the software front. The company launched a new app called Ledger Live to handle everything you used to do with Chrome apps before.

That’s right, before today, the company relied on Google Chrome for its desktop apps.

You had to install the browser first, and then install a new app for each cryptocurrency. There was also a main app to update the firmware. It could quickly become a mess.

Now, everything is centralized in a single app.

Ledger live desktop apple


This repository is now deprecated. We moved to a new mono repository architecture containing all of Ledger Live JavaScript Ecosystem that you can find here. You can follow the migration guide to help you make the transition.

We are hiring, join us! 👨‍💻👩‍💻

Ledger Live (desktop)

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Ledger Live is a new generation wallet desktop application providing a unique interface to maintain multiple cryptocurrencies for your Ledger Nano S / Blue. Manage your device, create accounts, receive and send cryptoassets, …and many more.


Ledger Live is an hybrid desktop application built with Electron, React, Redux, RxJS,..

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