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John nfts jude lennonaswadvariety

john nfts jude lennonaswadvariety

According to the offspring, he felt bad all these memories were cooped up in storage for preservation. Digitally however, more may be able to enjoy these pieces of history.

The money made from the auction will be used to aid Julian’s White Feather Foundation. An organization centered around humanitarian and environmental issues.

Julian said this of the auction: It’s “a unique way to continue Dad’s legacy,”

Mrs. Trump Adds to Her Growing NFT Collection

Former first lady Melania Trump is auctioning off her widely recognizable White Broad-Brimmed, High Blocked Crown Hat designed by Herve Pierre. And it could be yours if the price is right. (Currently going for 1,800 SOL or rather $172,116.00.)

The hat will also come with a certificate of authenticity. Her website reads: “A personal letter from Mrs.

GM Ser,

John Lennon to Grace NFTs

John Lennon, though deceased 42 years this year, is dead but not forgotten. His name and legacy are now to continue on in the digital form of NFTs.

Brought on by his son Julian Lennon, who is also an artist, is auctioning six digital pieces of original Beatles memorabilia.

Items being sold are: Paul McCartney’s handwritten notes to the song “Hey Jude,” originally titled “Hey Jules” as it was written with Julian in mind amidst his parental divorce. Three Gibson brand guitars which were gifts from Lennon sr.
to jr. Lennon’s black cape from the movie “Help,” as well as his Afghan coat which the musician wore on the set of the film “Magical Mystery Tour.”

Apparently, the “Hey Jude” notes alone are expected to bring in more than $60,000.

It should be noted that Lennon jr.

United Kingdom 6 months ago John Lennon’s memorabilia to be auctioned as NFTsMusicAuctionsCollections

John Lennon’s eldest son Julian is selling several pieces of music history from his personal collection as NFT. Each NFT will be offered as an audio-visual collectible, with narration by Julian Lennon alongside imagery of the item. Part of the proceeds from the NFT sale will go to Julian Lennon’s White Feather Foundation (https://whitefeatherfoundation.com/).
The online auction — titled Lennon Connection: The NFT Collection – will be held on Feb. 7, 2022, via Julien’s Auctions (https://www.julienslive.com/auctions/catalog/id/417) and NFT partner YellowHeart (https://yh.io/).

“As an artist, I have great respect for all that my father accomplished in his career. As a son, I hold dear the good memories I have of my time with him.

Now the items we are talking about, first of all, there was a unique fluffy Afghan coat that John Lennon wore during the Magical Mystery Tour movies. If you’re lucky enough to see this, it’s a lovely one-of-a-kind coat. Also three of the Gibson guitars that John Lennon gave to his son Julian.

Now probably the most interesting piece in this collection, and by the way, all of them are going to be auctioned off.
But the most interesting piece here is Paul McCartney’s handwritten notes for the song Hey Jude. Now, for those of you who are into music, you may remember that Hey Jude originally had the title Hey Jewels, and it was written as a letter to Julian Lennon by his father John, when John and Julian’s mother, Cynthia, divorced. It was just trying to tell him that things would be better, etc.

Three Gibson guitars, a coat of the Magical Mystery Tour, and Paul McCartney’s handwritten notes for the song “Hey Jude” are some of the treasured items Julian Lennon turns into NFTs and auctions off. In this segment of “The Virtual Opportunities Show”, recorded on February 1Motley Fool contributor Danny Vena shares this exciting new use case for NFTs that marries the old with the new.

Danny Vena: The thing I encountered was a story that somehow marries the old with the new. The story I read came across Yahoo Finance. It was the one that said John Lennon’s son, Julian, took some of the Beatles memorabilia he had in his personal collection and turned them into NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

Beverly Hills —

A virtual version of the handwritten notes for the song “Hey Jude” has been sold at auction in California for almost $77,000, the latest hammer price success for NFTs.

Originally entitled “Hey Jules,” the Fab Four’s hit was written in 1968 by Paul McCartney to comfort a young Julian Lennon during father John’s separation from his mother, Cynthia.

The NFT version of the notes was presented as an animation in which the words are progressively inscribed on the page and was accompanied by an audio commentary from Lennon junior.

“For me, just looking at a picture is not enough if I was a buyer,” Lennon earlier told AFP in Los Angeles. “So I wanted to add something a little more personal.

Key facts:

  • NFT is sold in Ether, the original cryptocurrency of Ethereum.

  • Purchasing NFTs does not grant physical John Lennon items.

Over time, the works of John Lennon are increasingly appreciated by fans of the artist and the Beatles, as well as his personal belongings, such as clothes and musical instruments.

Taking advantage of the existing admiration for the artist and the opportunity offered by non-fungible tokens (NFT), his son Julian Lennon decided to launch a collection called «Lennon Connection: NFT Collection«.

The group is made up of Various belongings of John Lennon in the NFT formatAnd mentioned Julian himself on Twitter.


NFTs are auctioned on a marketplace called YellowHeart, Based on Polygon . network.

Alongside the song notes, an assortment of other band memorabilia NFTs were sold, including images of the band’s guitars and of outfits owned by John Lennon.

In all, the sale by Julien’s Auctions in California made £117,285 ($158,720).

It was organised by Julian Lennon, the Beatles singer’s son with his first wife, Cynthia.

The notes for Hey Jude made the most, selling for £56,750.

Among the NFTs of Lennon’s outfits up for sale was a digital picture of an Afghan coat he wore on the set of the 1967 film Magical Mystery Tour and an image of the black cape he wore in the film Help.

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These went for a total of £16,500.

This is an Ethereum side chain that has cheap fees and lower mainnet congestion, albeit with a much greater centralization.

Julian Lennon chose Polygon for being more ecological, according to to explain On his Twitter account, a question was asked by a follower.

Guitars and clothes in NFT . format

Among the NFTs to be auctioned Paul McCartney’s Handwritten Notes for The Beatles «Hey Jude”. As for this digital collection, at the time of writing this article, the highest bid on record is ETH 12.31, which represents around $30,000 USD.

Another digital piece that was auctioned is a An Afghani coat worn by John Lennon On the set The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1967It is being auctioned for ETH 2.4 ($6000).

Likewise, it is marketed Three iconic Gibson guitars which John Lennon gave to his son.

But these handwritten notes from Paul McCartney about the musical construction of the song and where the vocals and the piano came in and where the guitar and the tambourine came in and when the song was going crescendo and all that. Experts expect that a single NFT can fetch over $60,000.

Now, the dichotomy here between the old being the Beatles and the new being the NFTs, I thought was pretty interesting. But the way it happened was that Julian Lennon said he really couldn’t bear to part with those physical objects that had so much to do with his father.

Which he did rather than try to sell them he decided to create NFTs of these items which I think was a pretty ingenious way to remedy this situation. That was my take here, old and new coming together and NFTs.

For those who may not know, I just wanted to drop this little definition here.

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