How to send matic to polygon metamask


Select Add Network from the options that pop up. This is where you’re going to give MetaMask the information needed to add Polygon. Here’s the information you need to add:

  • Network Name – Polygon
  • New RPC URL – Enter any of the following:
  • Chain ID – 137
  • Currency Symbol – MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL –

Click the Save button once you’ve entered everything and you’ll establish a connection to the Polygon network.

If you want to confirm that MATIC was added successfully, go into your wallet and look for the MATIC icon.

How to send matic to polygon metamask

Polygon is a modern scaling solution for Ethereum and has experienced a lot of hype in recent months and years due to efficient transactions and high scalability. You cannot only earn money through price increases with Polygon but also with MATIC token staking.

How can you stake MATIC with MetaMask? In this article, we show you how to stake with Polygon’s MATIC token at MetaMask.

What is Polygon (MATIC)?

Polygon (MATIC) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain network that represents a scaling solution for Ethereum. It is a Layer 2 solution that ensures transactions can be processed faster, splits the transaction load, and thus achieves higher scalability than the main Ethereum network.

The project was founded in 2017 and was formerly called MATIC. As a result, it was re-branded to Polygon.

How to send matic to metamask polygon network

To add ETH to the Polygon on Metamask, you first need to add the Polygon Mainnet to your Metamask wallet as explained in the guide above.

Since there is no Native Ethereum deployed on the Polygon chain, you will need to add the Wrapped version of Ethereum (WETH) to the Polygon network on your Metamask wallet if you want to trade with ETH on the Polygon network.

While Wrapped Ether (WETH) is not the native Ether (ETH) token we all know, it is the ERC-20 compatible version of Ether and it has the same value as the ETH token since WETH is created by sending ETH to a smart contract where the ETH is placed on hold until it ready to be redeemed.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what WETH is, let’s learn how to add it to your Metamask wallet on the Polygon network.

First, you will need to get the Contract Address for WETH on Polygon.

How to transfer matic to polygon metamask

Then your MATIC tokens will be transferred to your MetaMask.

4. Connect MetaMask to Polygon Wallet!

Now when you have set up MetaMask, you need to use MetaMask with the following link: !

Go to Connect Wallet on this page and connect your MetaMask wallet! Then you can connect your MetaMask directly and use the staking functions.


Run Polygon (MATIC) Staking via MetaMask!

Now that your MetaMask is connected, go to Polygon Staking! You can then become a delegator there and start staking.

With these 5 steps you can quickly and easily stake Polygon’s MATIC token via the MetaMask wallet.

Should you invest in Polygon (MATIC) now?

At the moment, the crypto market is in a bear market. The prices of most cryptocurrencies are particularly low at the moment.
The staking rewards are also lower.

How to send matic from binance to metamask polygon network

To do this, launch the Metamask extension and ensure that the Polygon Mainnet is added and selected as the default network on your wallet (refer to the guide above if you haven’t done this).

Now, on the Metamask main window, click on [Import tokens].

On the new window, paste in the contract address for Polygon WETH (0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619) in the “Token Contract Address” section and wait for some seconds for Metamask to automatically input the Token Symbol and Decimal.

Click on [Add Custom Token].

Finally, click on [Import Tokens] to add Polygon ETH to your Metamask wallet.

After this, you should see your Polygon WETH balance Metmask and you can transfer WETH to your Metamask wallet address using the Polygon network.

How to transfer matic to metamask polygon network

Here you can click the Get Started button to begin setting up your crypto wallet.

If you already have a MetaMask wallet, you can import it using your seed phrase. Just select the Import Wallet button. However, if you’re creating a new MetaMask wallet, you’ll choose Create a Wallet.

Before you import your wallet or set up a new one, MetaMask will ask if you want to share your anonymous data to help improve the wallet.

You’ll see a list of information MetaMask will and will not collect. Choose whichever you prefer as refusing or accepting will not impact your Metamask experience.

Next, you need to choose a password.

This is the password you’ll use to login to MetaMask. Remember, this is not your seed phrase – you’ll get that in a moment.

Your password is used to keep anyone from gaining access to your wallet.

How to send matic from binance to metamask polygon

Tap on [Approve] to add the network.

Finally, tap on [Approve] to add the network to your Metamask wallet.

After this, the Polygon network should be added to your wallet and selected as the default network on the Metamask app on your device.

How Transfer Polygon To Your Metamask Wallet Easily

To fully utilize your Metamask wallet on the Polygon network, you need to transfer some MATIC tokens (the native token of the Polygon network) from an external wallet or crypto exchange account (that holds some value in MATIC) to your Metamask wallet.

If you don’t currently hold any MATIC tokens, we recommend using Binance to purchase some MATIC since the cryptocurrency is supported by the exchange, and most importantly, it can be transferred out to external wallets like Metamask.

You can sign up for a free Binance account using this link.

How to transfer matic from bsc to polygon on metamask

Polygon (MATIC) tokens to your Metamask wallet.

How To Add Polygon To Your Metamask Wallet (Step By Step Guide)

To add the Polygon network to your Metamask wallet, you first need to get the correct RPC endpoint details for the Polygon Mainnet (which will be included later in this article).

Once you have the custom RPC endpoint for the Polygon mainnet, all you have to do is input each of them in the appropriate fields on the Metamask extension/mobile app then click on [Save] to add the network to your wallet.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can add the Polygon MATIC network to Metamask easily.

Step 1: Launch Metamask and input your account password to unlock the wallet.

If you haven’t installed the Metamask extension on your browser, you can get the correct version for your browser on the Metamask download page.

Network] on the dialog to add a new network (Polygon) to your Metamask wallet.

Step 4: Enter the Polygon Mainnet custom RPC endpoint and click [Save].

On the next page, input the custom RPC endpoint for the Polygon Main Network outlined below in the appropriate fields as seen in the next screenshot.

  • Network Name: Polygon Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 137
  • Currency Symbol: MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL:

Once you have filled all the fields correctly with the appropriate details, click on [Save] to add the MATIC network to your Metamask wallet.

After this, the Polygon network should be added and selected automatically as the default network on your Metamask wallet.

MATIC using your credit/debit card, direct bank deposit, third-party payment providers, or via P2P before moving on with the guide below. Binance provides an excellent tutorial on how to do that in this article.

To send MATIC from Binance to your Metamask Wallet, you need to copy your default Metamask wallet address since Metamask only provides one wallet address which is used across multiple (configured) blockchains/networks on your wallet and this includes the Polygon network.

Now that you have your Metamask wallet address which is also your MATIC wallet address, head over to the Binance mobile app or web dashboard, then tap on [Wallets], and select [Funding] to navigate to your funding wallet.

Next, tap on [Withdraw], search for “MATIC” and select “MATIC Polygon” from the results.

Once you get your hands on some Polygon (MATIC), you’re going to need a crypto wallet in which to hold it. One such wallet is MetaMask, which is becoming a popular way to store digital assets.

However, Polygon isn’t a part of the MetaMask wallet, so you’ll have to set it up manually.

Don’t worry though, we’re going to tell you how to add MATIC network to MetaMask wallet in the guide below. It will only take a few minutes.

1. Install MetaMask

There are several ways you can download and install MetaMask.

Most people prefer to use it in their browser, but the wallet is only supported through Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. However, you can also add it to your smartphone or tablet as Meta Mask supports both Android and iOS devices.


Setting Up Your Wallet

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the wallet, MetaMask will greet you with a welcome page.

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