How do i sell my dogecoin for cash

how do i sell my dogecoin for cash

For more information on how to withdraw fiat currencies with FTX, please see here: ( US | International)

You can link your FTX account to the FTX Exchange app in Exodus. You will be able to view, send, receive and exchange your FTX funds inside the Exodus wallet.

Only supported assets will be shown in the FTX app in Exodus. You can see the supported assets here.

You can also view your FTX USD balance or exchange your crypto to “USD” directly inside the FTX Exchange app in Exodus. While you can’t withdraw USD directly from the USD wallet in your FTX portfolio in Exodus, you can exchange crypto to USD in the FTX Exchange app in Exodus and it will reflect in the USD wallet in FTX.

How do i sell my dogecoin for cash

If you fall into that category, then you may want to consider selling a portion of your portfolio gains into more robust projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Privacy and Security Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind while selling Dogecoin.

  • Double-check the copied address from your exchange before transferring the coins. This is to avoid falling victim to clipboard malware that replaces your originally copied address with another from a scammer.
  • For large amounts, it is usually best to send a test transaction first, and then a follow-up if the initial transaction is successful.
  • Always enable two-factor authentication on your exchange account.

How do i sell my dogecoin for cash on

Therefore, the journey of discovering answers to how do I sell Dogecoin gets complicated. To save stress, create an account on a trading platform today. More so, currency exchange requests for verification teams, such as National ID cards, before validating any transaction.


The plunge in Dogecoin price should not rush you into selling your digital sheets.

Instead, study the market well, and figure out the best decision for you.

After deciding to sell your coin, move on to the means of getting a buyer through the trading platform. Compared to most centralized exchanges, Evonax incurs a lesser transaction amount.

How do i sell my dogecoin for cash on binance

How do I sell Dogecoin? You sell Dogecoin through cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms that serve as a medium between cryptocurrency traders. Just as phone device is in the physical world, exchanges serve as a means of communication between buyers and sellers, strengthening the bond in the virtual environment.

Not only do cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to buy and sell, but you can also convert your coins into an acceptable physical currency like Dollars.

You may come across some exchanges that do not involve a third party. They are known as decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.
In this case, you will need a peer-to-peer transaction to sell your Dogecoin, just as some investors are doing recently.

How do i sell my dogecoin for cash on robinhood

The trading fee is 0.2% on all trades.

The only fiat currency supported is USD, and you can transfer it via AdvCash, debit cards, Payeer, Capitalist, and Perfect Money.

The withdrawal fees will vary based on the payment option used:

  • Debit Card (US$6 + 5%, max $2,000);
  • Perfect Money (1%);
  • AdvCash (7%);
  • Payeer (7%);
  • Capitalist (1%).


Livecoin is a rather obscure exchange, as there is limited information regarding its ownership, registration, and headquarters. The exchange supports many cryptos, including Dogecoin.

How to sell my dogecoin for cash

Nevertheless, decentralized exchanges have their setback, such that they do not support trades betweenfiat currencyand cryptocurrency.

Investors Reaction to Dogecoin Price Plunge

The effect of influential on cryptocurrency’s price is high. Elon Musk, being an influencer, tweeted about Dogecoin that resulted in a drastic decrease in the price. The crypto market is highly competitive, requiring rapt attention to study the market carefully. However, the tweet brought about panic among investors, and many began to ask, how do I sell Dogecoin?

Knowing how to sell your Dogecoin, the following reasonable action is to get a platform for a trustworthy buyer.
You may want to be extra careful at this stage, as many cyber criminals hang around. Hence, the best remedy is to use an exchange platform with trusted members. An example of such is Evonax.

The exchange permits users to buy, sell, or hodl coins. Hence, if you want a platform that guarantees maximum security, ensure you carry out proper research on the exchange means. Also, it must provide a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including the top coins likeBitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.

Why You Need A Trusted Trading Platform

How do I sell Dogecoin is incomplete without informing you about the reputable trading platforms you can choose.

The main reason for requesting a trusted exchange likeEvonaxis mainly because of internet insecurities.

If you think your crypto wallet is safe enough, there are other reasons you should choose the appropriate cryptocurrency exchange.

1. Reliability

You can trust centralized exchanges due to the developed security chain.

Have you been expanding your crypto portfolio and are ready to sell Dogecoin from your wallet? When you learn the process of how to sell Dogecoin, you’ll be ready to exchange Dogecoin when it makes the most sense for your investment. Before we take a closer look at how to see Dogecoin, let’s quickly review some common facts about Dogecoin.

  • It was invented in 2013 by software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus.
  • Dogecoin is known as a meme coin because it started as an online joke making fun of the volatile alt coins of that time.
  • One of the most common uses for Dogecoin is for tipping services.
  • Dogecoin is based on Litecoin and operates on the same “proof-of-work” technology.

Coinbase announced that they would be adding the currency to their platform on Tuesday, June 1, and allowed trading to begin at 9 a.m on Thursday, June 3 once liquidity conditions were met. You may have noticed that news and media coverage of the coin also increased on Thursday, June 3.

Difference Between Bitcoin and Dogecoin?

Both are popular cryptocurrencies, but Dogecoin is for people who have a mild interest in digital assets and don’t invest in crypto for the money. It was created as a joke in 2013 but has gained popularity as a meme.

Many coins work on the principle of scarcity.
Dogecoin, by design, is abundant. Every second, thousands of new Doge are mined. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of Dogecoins that can exist at any given time.

Should You Buy Doge?

Since Coinbase’s CEO reported at 9 a.m on Thursday, Jun.

You will find it under Fiat Markets

  • Click on the pair and at the bottom of the page, switch the Order Type from Limit to Market.
  • Under the Sell column, enter the quantity of DOGE to sell to GBP and execute the order.
  • Go back to WalletFiat and Spot and click Withdraw on your GBP wallet.
  • Provide your bank or card details and initiate the withdrawal.
  • Binance will complete the GBP transfer to your account using the provided information.
  • How to sell Dogecoin for GBP


    Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and offers multiple options for selling cryptocurrencies like DOGE for GBP.

    It should be noted that US traders are not able to access the platform. The trading fee is set at 0.2%.

    Below are all the payment options supported:

    • Credit/debit cards;
    • Bancontact;
    • QiWi;
    • Perfect Money;
    • OKPAY;
    • AdvCash;
    • Payeer;
    • MoneyPolo;
    • WebMoney;
    • Payza;
    • SEPA;
    • Ex-Code (Exmo Internal Currency Exchange system) – for fiat withdrawals;
    • Crypto Capital – converts cryptocurrency holdings into fiat currencies.


    YoBit is an online exchange trading platform that was launched in 2014, founded by a group of European developers and crypto enthusiasts. The platform supports 497 cryptocurrencies and tokens and 8,575 active pairings.
    Of course, you can also find Dogecoin listed here.

    Start” button

  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Enter the unique identifier code texted to your phone
  • Select the “Sell” option
  • Select the DCM” option
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (in denominations of $20, $50 and $100)
  • Scan the QR code that appears on the DCM screen with the camera function on your mobile wallet app
  • On your DOGE wallet, enter the EXACT amount the DCM is requesting
  • Send the funds to the QR code you scanned
  • Transactions take approximately 10-15 minutes to process on the Dogecoin network
  • Once the transaction has fully processed, you will receive a text message informing you to return to the DCM to withdraw your funds
  • At the DCM, log in with your phone number once again to retrieve the dispensed cash
  • Keep in mind that we highly recommend using our Coin Cloud Wallet app.

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