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By seeing the FREE PARKING sign up front, cars would turn onto the side street to get to the parking lot. Full or not, they could find plenty of parking. Moreover, they were now committed to park and eat. We would now capture all those potential customers!

I stood there on the steps to the back entrance and shook my head in amazement of the whole puzzle picture in my head. I knew it would work. I walked in and, for the first time since I started working there, I spoke to the owner: “I know how to save your restaurant.”

He looked at me for an awkward moment, and then told me to sit down in his booth. Instead of just telling him, I instinctively grabbed a napkin and asked for a pen.


Most human minds just do not work the Ten-Second Miracle way.

Because our minds do not naturally work that way, you need certain tools to make these Ten-Second Miracles that provide you with Financial Wormholes. To grasp those tools, let us look back now at the stories of Nash and of me as a dishwasher. How did Nash come through with all those Ten-Second Miracles on his way to the top? How did I as a fifteen-year-old dishwasher come through with such a business-saving Ten-Second Miracle? Both Nash and I were looking at business differently — from a different viewpoint.

We both saw the business through different eyes — through the eyes of numbers. I kept looking at the business around me as how to improve the number of customers and, therefore, increase the profits.

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Past the motel or gas station, the distance became too far, and there were new restaurants with easier parking up ahead; at that point, those potential customers were forever lost.

I looked back at the patch of dirt where the trash bin sat. That was the missing piece. Although it was too small to handle more than just a few cars, that was not the point. The breakthrough, I realized, was to get the passersby to turn onto the side street by placing a sign out front that said FREE PARKING around back with an arrow pointing to the side street.
(Parking meters lined the few spots in the front.)

The dirt patch could be paved and offer customers free parking. Even if that little parking lot were constantly full, ample free parking awaited customers on both sides of the quiet side street.

Perhaps because of my young age and my constant exposure to the woes of the owner, I was able to suddenly see everything differently around me at work. I was able to see things from the perspective of the ESSENCE of the business (i.e., how to increase profits)…not from the blind and dead perspective of my routine rut.

Because of seeing the business from the perspective of its ESSENCE, the things I saw stayed in me and began, unbeknownst to me, to quietly integrate together into a puzzle of how to increase the business. Suddenly, the missing piece snapped into place when I walked through the dark patch of desert from the trash bin.
The Ten-Second Miracle occurred in my consciousness as the missing piece snapped into place and the puzzle-picture filled my head.

I did not know it then, but that was the next puzzle-building mentality in action.

Ten-Second Miracle. That Ten-Second Miracle suddenly moves you from a place of poverty or mediocrity to a place of wealth and riches. Those Ten-Second Miracles are the secret Financial Wormholes so often slid through by the ultra successful.

I am a wealthy member of a powerful secret society; here’s how my explosive success all started, just as it will for you, too: I am going to give you a personal example of how I found my first Financial Wormhole — a Ten-Second Miracle — at even the lowest entry-level job.

My first financial wormhole proves that anyone at any level can find financial wormholes (just as you will, guaranteed)! I did not know what to call it at the time, but as a fifteen-year-old boy hired as a dishwasher in my first official job, I saved the restaurant from going under through a Ten-Second Miracle.

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Financial Wormholes

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Yale’s secretive Skull and Bones is known for some very powerful people such as Presidents (George W. Bush) and Senators (John Kerry)…but we put out material that adjusts the course of humanity for good.

Today I am releasing to our selected soulmates an adjustment for human good.

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