Example of a white paper

If you ask people to give you their email address or information before accessing the document, you can also create an efficient way to generate quality leads.

White Paper Examples

Here are some white paper examples to help you generate topic ideas and understand the best way to craft them:

  • Determining The Right Influencer Type for Your Campaign
  • What Developers Want
  • Google Cloud’s AI Adoption Framework
  • A Four-Step Plan For Business Continuity

Creating high-quality white papers is an effective content marketing strategy. But it can be a challenge to find topics you know your audience will find interesting. Start by reading other white papers and use the list of above steps to generate strong topic ideas. Then, talk with a content marketing company, like CopyPress, to help you craft it.

Example of a white paper

This is an opportunity to present the reader with a comprehensive study that includes both internal knowledge and external research. You must have professional expertise at your disposal – including when choosing the right white paper template.

Relevant to a specific example

In most cases, white paper formats are a special way to create documents that must first identify and then offer a solution to a specific problem. The paper can include different takes on the problem, such as new trends, common challenges, comparisons within the industry, and evolving methodologies.
The exact presentation depends on your content strategy, industry, and knowledge of the topic.

Below you’ll find white paper templates you can use to design the perfect solutions for your business.

Example of a white paper in apa format

Therefore, the white paper template should be clear and understandable and if you base it on a straightforward document design you are sure to create a good white paper format.

When creating a white paper, consider the following aspects:

Target audience

It is always a good idea to keep in mind who will be reading your professional content. Before choosing a white paper outline template, you should already understand your target audience. It is possible that your target audience will be long-term clients who are already familiar with your business, or prospects who want to read information from professionals.
You need to identify the basic questions the reader will ask. Do thorough research and evaluate what topics are most popular.

Your skills

Make sure the white paper templates can highlight your expertise.

Example of a white paper format


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Technology white paper examples

White papers are also becoming popular in the IT industry, both to share research findings and to make recommendations regarding cybersecurity and other common IT issues.

In the technology industry, white papers can be used as a marketing tool for companies that offer related services, though it’s best in a white paper to remain as neutral as possible to make your message spread far and wide.


On the same topic as the previous example, this white paper uses a more simplified design style and subdued color palette, which illustrates the range of design styles you can utilize with Venngage’s platform.


Technology white papers can also help people understand how new technology works.

Example of a white paper outline

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5. Understand Where You’re Losing Leads

Talk with your sales team to see where you’re losing potential customers and the questions they’re frequently asking.
This helps you create a white paper that addresses those questions or concerns. You can then send that paper to potential leads and squash their hesitancies before they even talk with a sales representative.

Example of a white paper for government

This flavor is like a mix of strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

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Notice how this “Evaluation Guide” lists a set of 20 must-have features for a particular genre of software.

This checklist (aka buyer’s guide) asserts that this vendor has the most capable, full-featured offering on the market.

Sample used with permission of eXplorance.

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Example of a white paper introduction

This helps you find relevant white paper topics to address and provide your readers with helpful solutions. There are a few different ways to effectively research your target audience, including conducting questionnaires and surveys with your customers. These can help you see how your audience perceives your brand and content, and what problems or pain points they don’t feel your company can help with.

It’s also beneficial to talk with your sales and customer support teams.

There might be common questions or complaints that customers make to these teams and you can use that knowledge to create more effective white paper content. By understanding your target audience better, you can help with these problems, complaints, or pain points by addressing your customers’ challenges directly and providing them with various solutions.


Sample of a white paper

It often gives the product name, and provides many technical details.

Those are sure signs of a backgrounder, aimed at a B2B prospect near the bottom of the sales funnel.

Samples used with permission of Okiok.

Flavor #2: The Numbered List

A numbered list provides a set of tips, questions or points about a certain issue, promising a quick and easy read.

This flavor is as light and lively as strawberry ice cream.

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This sample lists seven questions that health insurance companies in the U.S. should ask hospitals.

Notice how each question is covered in a single page leaving white space as needed.

Sample of a white paper document

If you do a search with your favorite search engine, you will likely find many more white paper templates.

You can even create a landing page that links to the white paper.

A well designed landing page will add value in terms of enticing search engines.

Many people offer to share theirs because it improves their brand awareness. You benefit by having a template that makes creating a white paper easy.

White Paper Examples

Before you embark, it might be nice to review some white paper examples.

Remember, white papers have changed a great deal over the years. You’ll notice that the white paper in the Connectivity template above is based off the old style.

Example of a business white paper

This flavor is like a mix of strawberry and chocolate ice cream.

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This sample lists three industry challenges, using the structure of a problem/ solution white paper.

Every existing approach (hard copies, couriers, faxes, e-mail, CDs, flash drives) is dismissed in turn; this is a sign of a problem/solution white paper.

Sample used with permission of Aconex.

Numbered List + Backgrounder

Try this mix when you want to lighten up a backgrounder or spread some product-specific FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) on competitors.

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