Criticized exchange from github

It’s not only about the company itself, but the wider geopolitics.”

In China, these accusations have been interpreted by some as a geopolitical ambush by the U.S., rather than the actions of a private company. The incident ignited concern in China’s tech community about Microsoft’s independence from Washington, said Yik Chan Chin, a computer scientist and professor at Beijing Normal University, to Rest of World. “Microsoft has increasingly lost trust and confidence in China,” said Chin. “It’s not only about the company itself, but the wider geopolitics.”

In early October, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn announced it would scale back its Chinese version — a social network for which it had been praised in the carefulness of its setup — and strip it down to little more than a job search app.

If you don’t know what logs to collect, it is recommended to use -AllPossibleLogs.

This script no longer supports collecting logs from Exchange 2010. However, the last release of v2 should still work just fine.
You can download that here.

The script is able to collect from the large set of servers while using the Invoke-Command. Prior to executing the main script, we check to make sure the server is up and that we are able to use Invoke-Command against the server.
If Invoke-Command works remotely, then we will allow you to attempt to collect the data. You can still utilize the script to collect locally as it used to be able to, if the target OS doesn’t allow this.

Prior to collecting the data, we check to make sure that there is at least 10GB of free space at the location of where we are trying to save the data of the target server.

Criticized exchange from github

Runs the Microsoft Safety Scanner in “Quick Scan” mode (vulnerable or not).

Question: What if I run a full scan and it’s affecting the resources of my servers?

Answer: You can terminate the process of the scan by running the following command in an Administrative PowerShell session.

Stop-Process -Name msert

Question: What is the real difference between this script (EOMT.PS1) and the previous script Microsoft released (ExchangeMitigations.Ps1).

Answer: The Exchange On-premises Mitigation Tool was released to help pull together multiple mitigation and response steps, whereas the previous script simply enabled mitigations.

V15\Logging\HttpProxy\PowerShellQueueInformationEnable to collect the historical queue information. Location: (Get-TransportService $server).QueueLogPathReceiveConnectorsEnable to collect the Receive Connector information from the server.RPCLogsEnable to collect RPC Logs.
Location: V15\Logging\RPC Client Access, V15\Logging\HttpProxy\RpcHttp, and V15\Logging\RpcHttpSearchLogsEnable to collect Search Logs. Location: V15\Bin\Search\Ceres\Diagnostics\Logs, V15\Bin\Search\Ceres\Diagnostics\ETLTraces, V15\Logging\Search.
On 2019 only we also include V15\Logging\BigFunnelMetricsCollectionAssistant, V15\Logging\BigFunnelQueryParityAssistant, and V15\Logging\BigFunnelRetryFeederTimeBasedAssistantSendConnectorsEnable to collect the send connector information from the environment.ServerInformationEnable to collect general server information.TransportAgentLogsEnable to collect the Agnet Logs.
China’s tech policymakers freshly concerned with “common prosperity.”

The tech workers themselves have grown savvier and more adept at playing “boundary ball,” a term used online in China for activity that tests the limits of an ever-shifting boundary. “Both campaigns [tried] to frame their struggle against working overtime as abiding by the law; 996.ICU framed their campaign as a demand to tech companies to follow the labor law,” JS Tan, a researcher at nonprofit-funded research project Collective Action in Tech, told Rest of World.

Policymakers, too, have been promoting open source technology as an essential tool for the country’s digital development. “Unlike LinkedIn, GitHub helps to serve several of China’s policy goals,” Schaefer at Trivium China pointed out.

If the server is not vulnerable only MSERT quick scan will run.


To run a Full MSERT Scan – We only recommend this option only if the initial quick scan discovered threats. The full scan may take hours or days to complete.

.\EOMT.ps1 -RunFullScan -DoNotRunMitigation

To run the Exchange On-premises Mitigation Tool with MSERT in detect only mode – MSERT will not remediate detected threats.

.\EOMT.ps1 -DoNotRemediate

To roll back the Exchange On-premises Mitigation Tool mitigations

.\EOMT.ps1 -Rollbackmitigation

Note: If ExchangeMitigations.ps1 was used previously to apply mitigations, Use ExchangeMitigations.ps1 for rollback.

+NEW EOMT will now autoupdate by downloading the latest version from GitHub.

In China, Microsoft still operates search engine Bing, which has long complied with government censorship requests and accounts for just 2.6% of Chinese search traffic; cloud-based software, including Azure, which is set to become the company’s biggest business; and GitHub, for which it does not operate a local office or staff in mainland China. Microsoft’s Windows remains one of the most widely used operating systems in the country, but the company has reported seeing very little revenue from its popularity. This month’s rollout of Windows 11 notably relied on the presence of a chip that is banned in China.

GitHub is now one of just two foreign-owned platforms accessible in China that host user-generated content. The other is Amazon’s reviews platform.

The data privacy law is an extra compliance cost, and risk, for Microsoft.

Azure Cache for Redis)

  • Streams – how to use the Stream data type
  • Where are KEYS / SCAN / FLUSH*? – how to use server-based commands
  • Profiling – profiling interfaces, as well as how to profile in an async world
  • Scripting – running Lua scripts with convenient named parameter replacement
  • Testing – running the StackExchange.Redis.Tests suite to validate changes
  • Timeouts – guidance on dealing with timeout problems
  • Thread Theft – guidance on avoiding TPL threading problems
  • Questions and Contributions

    If you think you have found a bug or have a feature request, please report an issue, or if appropriate: submit a pull request.

    Through the site, programmers in China don’t just learn new code — they are exposed to what they describe as the “open source way of thinking,” based on a philosophy of free exchange of ideas and information, without government interference or regulation. Despite the discordance of these principles with China’s approach to controlling the internet, code hosted on GitHub has been essential for the country’s tech sector.

    If it is blocked, developers know they need an alternative.

    Developers’ concern the code hosted on GitHub could be a casualty of the escalating tensions with the U.S. was among the reasons for the Chinese government’s move to promote homegrown platforms, said Yik Chan Chin, a computer scientist and associate professor of communications at Beijing Normal University.

    You may remember how much negative publicity March’s Exchange patches caused Microsoft, with headlines such as ‘Microsoft emails hacked’.”

    But Beaumont said these remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities are “…as serious as they come.”

    “To make matters worse, Microsoft failed to allocate CVEs for these vulnerabilities until July – 4 months after the patches were issued,” he wrote. “Given many organizations’ vulnerability [to] manage via CVE, it created a situation where Microsoft’s customers were misinformed about the severity of one of the most critical enterprise security bugs of the year.”

    In order of patching priority, according to Beaumont, the vulnerabilities are: CVE-2021–34473, CVE-2021–34523 and CVE-2021–31207.

    Beaumont said he worked with Shodan to add a plug-in to identify vulnerable systems.

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