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The company’s infrastructure supports over 40 cutting-edge blockchain networks including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos, SKALE, MobileCoin and the Lightning Network in the cloud and on-premise.

Over the past year, Blockdaemon has deployed more than 10,000 nodes across 40 blockchain networks and 20 global regions.

“Blockdaemon has demonstrated that enterprises need a simple way to build secure blockchain infrastructure,” said Hunter Somerville, general partner of Greenspring Associates.

Image: Pixabay, BlockdaemonA message from John Furrier, co-founder of SiliconANGLE:

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In the past year: ➡️+$5B in staked assets 💥Powering +25M registered users 🗺️Deployed +10K nodes across 40 blockchain networks & 20 global regions

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— Blockdaemon (@_blockdaemon) June 8, 2021

Инвестиционный банк Goldman Sachs инвестировал $5 млн и присоединился к Blockdaemon в качестве наблюдателя в совете директоров.

В раунде финансирования также участвовали BlockFi, Voyager Digital, Uphold и постоянные инвесторы компании – CoinShares, Borderless Capital и Ventures.

Привлеченные средства Blockdaemon направит на увеличение численности персонала до 100 человек к концу 2021 года.

По словам основателя и генерального директора Blockdaemon Константина Рихтера, сегодня компания обслуживает более 100 институциональных клиентов, включая криптовалютные и традиционные финансовые компании.

Blockdaemon Raises $28 Million In Series A Funding To Help Institutions Quickly and Securely Scale Blockchain Infrastructure

Round is led by Greenspring Associates, with participation from Goldman Sachs, CoinShares, BlockFi, Uphold, Voyager Digital Ltd. and other existing investors

June 08, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK–Blockdaemon, the leading independent blockchain infrastructure platform powering 25 million registered users across the platforms they support, has announced that it has closed USD $28 million in its Series A funding round, led by Greenspring Associates, with participation from Goldman Sachs, BlockFi, Warburg Serres, Uphold, Voyager Digital Ltd., Illuminate Financial, and Hard Yaka.

Richter said Blockdaemon now has over 100 institutional clients, including crypto natives and traditional financial services firms.

These clients rely on Blockdaemon’s staking infrastructure to let their end users earn yields on their coin holdings. Blockdaemon says it has deployed over 10,000 nodes across 40 blockchain networks and global regions.

The Series A brings Blockdaemon’s total funding to date to around $40 million, Richter told The Block. He declined to comment on the firm’s valuation.

As for Goldman Sachs, the megabank also invested in crypto data firm Coin Metrics last month.

Greenspring Associates.

The Series A round was joined by cryptocurrency lender BlockFi Lending LLC, Goldman Sachs, Warburg Serres, Uphold Inc., Voyager Digital Ltd., Illuminate Financial and Hard Yaka.

“This funding represents a significant milestone for Blockdaemon,” said Konstantin Richter, founder and chief executive of Blockdaemon. “This round will enable us to further expand our node infrastructure services, add to our growing team, and strengthen our presence in emerging markets across the globe.”

In the past year, Blockdaemon has significantly increased its team’s headcount and appointed Cecily Mak as its chief operating officer and Demetrios Skalkotos as global senior vice president of sales.

Blockdaemon provides blockchain node management infrastructure to scale and deploy nodes with security and monitoring both in the cloud and on-premises.

Existing seed round investors Boldstart Ventures, Coinfund, Kenetic, CoinShares, Borderless Capital, Ventures, Lerer Hippeau and Heavybit increased their investments, showcasing their continued commitment to a long-term technology partnership.

Konstantin Richter, CEO and Founder of Blockdaemon, said, “This funding represents a significant milestone for Blockdaemon. With investment from industry leading financial technology providers and VC firms, this round will enable us to further expand our node infrastructure services, add to our growing team, and strengthen our presence in emerging markets across the globe while deepening our existing strategic relationships with global financial institutions.

One of the major contributors was BlockFi, which is a major lending firm for cryptocurrencies.

There was another cryptocurrency firm Voyager Digital Ltd, which is a broker for cryptocurrency assets. The reporting around the funding round reveals that Goldman Sachs was the largest contributor to the Series A funding round. Blockdaemon has confirmed in the funding round report that Goldman Sachs contributed $5 million in the funding round in the form of investment.

Goldman Sachs is an investment banking giant that is multinational and is based in the United States.
Goldman Sachs is considered as one of the big guns in the investment banking sector with a market capitalization of $131 billion.

Ever since the cryptocurrency boom in 2020, Goldman Sachs has paid an enormous amount of attention to the cryptocurrency sector.

Goldman Sachs has backed a Series A $28 million funding round for Blockdaemon, and invested $5 million in the blockchain infrastructure firm.

Goldman Sachs has backed a $28 million Series A funding round for blockchain infrastructure firm Blockdaemon.

The funding was led by Greenspring Associates and included participation from crypto lending firm BlockFi, and crypto-asset broker Voyager Digital Ltd, along with a $5 million investment from Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs is an American multinational investment bank with a net worth of $131 billion. The banking giant appears to be paying a significant amount of attention to crypto of late.

Supporting 40+ cutting edge blockchain networks including ETH 2.0, Bitcoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos, SKALE, MobileCoin, and the Lightning Network in the cloud and on-premise through the Blockdaemon Marketplace, Blockdaemon offers access to new financial infrastructure for a variety of market participants, from large financial institutions, exchanges and custodians to small, agile crypto native firms and developers. It is trusted across the blockchain ecosystem including industry’s leading networks, exchanges, enterprises, custodians, developers, and funds. With a 10x growth in revenue since the beginning of the year, Blockdaemon plans to accelerate future growth through targeted acquisitions.

“Blockchain is a key driver of innovation in the financial services industry and Blockdaemon is powering its infrastructure.

Представители проекта намерены использовать средства для расширения штата сотрудников.

Один из крупнейших в мире инвестиционных банков Goldman Sachs принял участие в А-серии раунда финансирования нью-йоркского блокчейн-стартапа Blockdaemon на $28 млн. Информация об этом появилась в пресс-релизе проекта.

  • Инвестраунд проекта возглавила компания Greenspring Associates. Также в финансировании Blockdaemon приняли участие BlockFi, Voyager Digital, Uphold, CoinShares, Borderless Capital, Ventures и ряд других организаций.
  • CEO проекта Константин Рихтер отметил, что Goldman Sachs инвестировал в стартап $5 млн.

    По его словам, инвестиционный банк присоединится к панели наблюдателей за советом Blockdaemon.

  • Привлеченные в рамках раунда финансирования средства команда стартапа планирует потратить на расширение штата сотрудников.

The banking giant has proven that it has become a crypto-proponent in the past 8 months.

The bank has been playing a huge role in bringing crowds of public and mainstream investors to the cryptocurrency industry. Despite the bearish trend going on in the crypto markets at the moment, Goldman Sachs has demonstrated full support for the industry.

The banking giant is helping the cryptocurrency industry bringing more exposure to the cryptocurrency industry alongside PayPal. It was back in May of 2021 when a $15 million investment round was led by Goldman Sachs.
The funding round was led for Coin Metrics, which is a blockchain analytics firm.

In the same month of May, Goldman Sachs also went ahead and launched a cryptocurrency-related service for its institutional clients.

As the trusted gateway to the blockchain industry for financial institutions of all sizes, Blockdaemon simplifies the complicated, time consuming and costly node management process by providing enterprises with the best-fit node configurations that allow them to rapidly scale up operations.”

This funding round adds capital to the explosive growth Blockdaemon has experienced over the past year as they have deployed more than 10,000 nodes across 40 blockchain networks and 20 global regions. Having significantly increased its headcount over the past 12 months, including deepening its executive talent with the appointment of Cecily Mak as Chief Operating Officer and Demetrios Skalkotos as Global Senior Vice President of Sales; Blockdaemon will expand global headcount further following this round.

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