Binance smart chain bridge

binance smart chain bridge

Transferring tokens between Binance smart chain (BSC) and Polygon (Previously Matic) has up until now been both costly and time-consuming. You had to transfer tokens back to the Ethereum network and from there transfer to either BSC or Polygon depending on your choice.

But! As we all know this space is moving in lightning speed and very recently while researching this topic once again I found a very new solution.


Welcome a cross-chain bridge. Currently supporting xDai chain, Polygon (matic), and Binance smart chain. Xpollinate enables you to swap the DAI, USDC, and USDT tokens between xDai, Polygon, and BSC as of writing this article. The service is currently in beta so you should still be careful when using it.

According to my research, it seems like the project is created by the 1hive DAO which runs the xDai network and also Honeyswap. I found this blog post that to me indicates that this is probably the case.

How it works

Xpollinate uses Connext network under the hood. From the website: “Connext is a crosschain liquidity network that enables fast, fully-noncustodial transfers between EVM-compatible chains and L2 systems”. If you want to know more about connext I would advice you to check out their website.

I obviously had to try the service out and I was mind blown. My first test was sending Dai tokens from Polygon to Binance smart chain. An oh boy was I surprised! The fees were next to none and the whole process took less than a minute.

How to use Xpollinate

Step 1.

Go to and connect your MetaMask wallet.

Next you will have a form in the middle of the webapp where you can select networks and what token you want to transfer. The view should look something like this:

In the example above I am transfering DAI from BSC -> Polygon (Matic).

Step 2.

Press the button “CROSS-CHAIN TRANSFER”.

You will now be requested in your MetaMask wallet app to sign some message. Sign it and you will get to the next step that looks like the image below:

Step 3.

Here you fill in how much of your chosen token you want to transfer to the other chain. When you are satisfied click the “Swap” button.

Now you will have a view that looks something like this:

The transferring step took about 20 seconds for me. As soon as it was done I had the tokens on Polygon. The last view that you get (if successful) looks like the one below:

Immediately after I received the transaction I checked my wallet on the Polygon network by going to I transferred 10 Dai from BSC and received 10 Dai on Polygon with almost no transaction fees, amazing.

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