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Crypto executives have criticized the agency’s leadership for its tough approach to digital currency trading.

Hill staffers who’ve worked on the bill said both the SEC and CFTC have weighed in.

Crypto attorney Lewis Cohen — who advised Lummis staff on the bill — said it was a near-impossible task to balance the concerns of industry bigwigs and regulators.

“Reflexively treating all tokens as securities, I really do believe it’s both wrong legally and fundamentally bad policy for the U.S.,” said Cohen, co-founder of the firm DLx Law. “But just ignoring the SEC’s concerns is wrong legally and bad for the U.S.”

Lobbying efforts will likely accelerate and expand in the coming months.

Champion of the Earth.”

Well… long story short, New Zealand not only failed to achieve the vision, but also failed to reduce any emissions whatsoever.

So, what did the government do next?

They doubled down on this terrible idea and promised carbon neutrality by 2050.

The one good thing about New Zealand’s efforts is that they are the only country we know of that’s actually looked at legitimate cost estimates for going carbon neutral.

And what is the price tag, exactly?

Well, New Zealand’s leading independent economic think tank says getting halfway to the target – cutting 50% of New Zealand’s emissions by 2050 – would cost at least $19 billion annually.

Lomborg says that’s about what the country spends on education and health care.

But keep in mind: cutting the first half of carbon emissions is the easy part… the low hanging fruit.

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Normans invaded in the 12th century.

More recently, Sir Walter Raleigh was granted 42,000 acres by Queen Elizabeth I… lots of fertile land along Ireland’s River Blackwater.

I mention Sir Walter Raleigh because I believe what happened to him many years ago might happen here, too, to millions of Americans.

You see, back then, Raleigh was on top of the world.

He’d accomplished little in life, yet managed to curry favor with the Queen, and was soon in possession of about 0.2% of the entire country, including castles, farms, abbeys, estates, and more.

But his good fortune did not last.

Before long, locals revolted, the economics of his estate collapsed, and Sir Walter Raleigh, a notoriously extravagant spender, was forced to sell his Irish holdings for a pittance… just 1,500 pounds.

It’s perhaps one of the worst deals in British or Irish history.

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An op-ed to chew on: Musk says Twitter is biased against conservatives — facts say otherwise

Lighter click: what a concept

Notable links from around the web:

This Firm Made Republicans Go Viral — Now It’s Falling Apart (The Verge / Makena Kelly)

Biden’s options if Russia hacks U.S. infrastructure (Politico / Maggie Miller)

News Analysis: ‘Free speech absolutist’ Elon Musk has a long history of opposing speech and transparency (Los Angeles Times / Russ Mitchell

One more thing: News streaming struggles

CNN’s new streaming service CNN+ is off to a slower start than executives at the network had hoped, raising new questions about the future of the paid, subscription-based vertical — and more broadly how much consumers are willing to invest in streamed news.

Each of his other three big predictions have come true, and today from his 200-year-old house in Ireland – you’ll hear…

How two unstoppable and inevitable trends are on a collision course in America, like two runaway freight trains.

And how this collision will cause the biggest disruption to our society, our financial markets, and our way of life in more than 50 years…

Leading to an event he calls: “AMERICA’S NIGHTMARE WINTER.”

Get the facts you won’t hear anywhere else.

Learn what this means for you, your family, and your money, from one of the most successful men in America over the past 50 years.

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Hello, my name is Bill Bonner.

I’ve recorded this video message from my cottage near the town of Youghal, about 150 miles southwest of Dublin.

Vikings invaded here in the 8th Century.

Gov’t… retreats to Ireland… and issues 4th and Final Warning:“AMERICA’S NIGHTMARE WINTER” Is Coming – Will You Be Ready?

He went to law school at Georgetown with Fed chief Jerome Powell in the 1970s…

Then built the largest publishing empire of its kind, with more subscribers than the Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal combined.

Along the way he’s written three New York Times bestselling books.

As perhaps the most anti-social ‘rich guy’ in America, he rarely makes public appearances, instead retreating to his 100,000-plus acres in South America… his two centuries-old chateaux in France… or his cottage in Ireland.

In addition to new rules for trading platforms and crypto service providers, the bill is also expected to cover issues relating to cybersecurity, banking regulation, investor protection standards and stablecoins.

Kara Calvert, the head of U.S. policy at the publicly-traded crypto exchange Coinbase, described both Gillibrand and Lummis as having an “open door” policy when it came to taking feedback on specifics. She said it put the congressional staff tasked with writing the bill in a position where they’re “balancing what their bosses want and what they’re getting from stakeholders.”

An earlier draft of the bill included language that would have established self-regulatory organizations for the industry — a proposal sought by the Association of Digital Asset Markets (ADAM) but flagged as potentially cumbersome by the Blockchain Association.

We will update everyone shortly”. As part of the company’s remediation efforts, verified accounts, used to promote the scam, have been blocked from tweeting.

Most of the hacked accounts have now been restored to the owner’s possession and the scam posts removed. However, the bitcoin address mentioned in most of the tweets racked up more than $100,000 from hundreds of transactions.

Some of the tweets promoting the scam also contained a link to a website, which has now been taken down.

Speculation on how the hack is being carried out is also rampant, with the most popular theories being that hackers have breached the account of a Twitter high-ranking employee and that they’ve ve found a zero-day and are using it to bypass the site’s authentication.

A similar crypto scheme was the basis of a targeted attack on YouTube accounts earlier this year.

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