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Best crypto analysis tool

best crypto analysis tool

Project dashboards showcase on-chain data on various projects such as Axie Infinity, Lido and LooksRare.

Multichain dashboards offer overviews of your favorite blockchain, giving you an insight into key metrics such as daily active users, daily transactions and number of users/transactions the protocols built on top of the chain are having. DeFi Paradise provides users an overview of what’s going on in DeFi and what Smart Money is doing in the space. DAO Analytics offers an overview of DAO’s liquid assets and active voters in DAO Paradise and lets you dive deep into specific DAOs on-chain data via DAO God Mode.

If you’re interested in learning more about the product, we’ve weekly office hours episodes on Youtube where we go through various dashboards and occasional alpha leaks.

Best crypto analysis tool

The platform has metrics commonly used when evaluating stocks and traditional companies. Revenue, Price to sales ratio, Price to earnings ratio and Treasury value are the main metrics they provide users.
This allows investors to evaluate crypto protocols the same way they would evaluate traditional companies.

The site has a “Weekly movers” summary tab which can surface protocols that you might have overlooked to your attention. There’s also a data table which shows the changes in the various metrics across different time periods.


TradingView probably needs no introduction.
If you’ve spent any amount of time investing, be it in traditional markets or in crypto, you’d definitely have heard of the tool. The tools mentioned above all lean towards fundamental investing, helping you understand a particular protocol in greater detail.

Best crypto trading analysis software

Coinigy’s charting service is built on top of the TradingView platform but uses custom data feeds to closely integrate with over 45 cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to using the same indicators available on TradingView, users can setup SMS text alerts on custom events as well as execute trade orders across their exchanges.

Unfortunately, Coingy does not offer a free plan, but their feature set is well worth is if you find yourself trading across multiple exchanges.

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Cryptowat.ch is another comprehensive charting tool owned by Kraken which lets traders get access to live streamed price, volume, and orderbook data from over 800 exchanges.

Best cryptocurrency analysis tools

Additionally, having that many measures in one location will enable you to acquire a general understanding of the market’s movement.

Social analysis

Market dynamics are connected to social media. It might also affect the market directly. You stay updated on market trends by using social analysis.

View many metrics and data, including those on social power, social trends, popular terms, and more.

List of the 7 Best Crypto Analysis Tools

Crypto analysis tools can help you lower your risk and improve your chances of keeping ahead of the curve even if you’re a novice or have been investing in cryptocurrencies for some time.

Best blockchain analysis tools

However, you can get the data you need, to make a wise investment choice using the best crypto analysis tools.

Why Do You Need a Crypto Analysis Tool?

Here’s why you’d need a Crypto Analysis tool:

Technical Indicators

You may utilize the various supported technical indicators that are available in analysis tools with ease on your charts.

On-Chain Data

You’ll get access to precise graphs of on-chain data, including the number of transactions each day, the value of the coins exchanged, and more. Data on the blockchain is accessible to everyone. In other words, the information you’re receiving is accurate and transparent.


A variety of metrics, including market value, volatility, market share, and more, will be accessible with more than ten years of data.

Best crypto analysis software

The cryptocurrency trading market has expanded rapidly during the last several years. Nevertheless, it remains one of the trickiest financial investments since it is also prone to market fluctuations.

Despite the uncertainty of the market, it is a market that attracts new investors who are entering the market even with no specific training or education.

This is where crypto analysis tools come into play.

Read on to find out everything about crypto analysis tools, and also some of the best crypto analysis tools available in the market.

Crypto Analysis Tool

Considering all conditions, investing in cryptocurrencies is a dicey endeavor. This is particularly true if you don’t know how to research and assess the crypto market properly.

Best crypto trading analysis tools

A great substitute for checking prices when it’s too painful to open up your favorite exchange app.


DefiLlama is the go to source for Total Value Locked (TVL) numbers for DeFi protocols and blockchains alike. The platform has TVL numbers for DeFi protocols across over 120 different chains and for the chains themselves.
TVL is one of the most commonly cited metric when it comes to evaluating a DeFi protocol and at times even for evaluating blockchains. TVL can be viewed as a gauge of users’ trust and interest towards a particular protocol.
Protocols that are more trust-worthy and have attracted real users will likely see their TVL go up over time as users’ activity increases.

Token Terminal

Token Terminal is a fan favorite amongst those more traditional finance inclined.

Best crypto technical analysis software

Derivatives, Miner data, Potential market top/bottom indicators (NUPL, percent of addresses in profit, etc) and Purpose BTC ETF data are examples of other metrics that they cover.

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

Two of the most commonly checked sites in the entire cryptoverse. CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap are the two leading cryptocurrency price tracking sites.
Both offer users a view on how the overall market is doing from a price action standpoint. Both sides segment the tokens into categories which allows users to get overviews of the performance of various categories as well as potentially surface new projects.

If you prefer checking prices on mobile, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that both sites have mobile apps that offer great user experiences.

Best crypto analysis tools


Best Feature: Best crypto analysis tool for managing and keeping track of crypto assets

Glassnode, a source of blockchain data and analytics, creates cutting-edge on-chain measurements and solutions. You may get market information through this web app that is based on APIs.

For investors, Glassnode offers relevant statistics on analytics, cryptocurrency transaction data, miner data, profit or loss, wallet holdings, and other insights.

You may use the tool to review market information, completed transactions, coin price information, and active addresses.

The software allows users to get market data and receive warnings.

Price: Every day updates are made to the free basic plan. The premium versions may be purchased for $29 and $799 per month, depending on the features you opt for.

The platform has no time frame for success, and a decent trial version is not active – it has yet to live up to its promises.


Best for: Doing Ethereum blockchain research by creating simple (mainly pre-written) queries to existing databases.Pricing: Free plan available. PRO plan costs $390/month per user.

DuneAnalytics is a crypto data platform that is essential for everyone who wants to get accurate insights related to the Ethereum blockchain.

It allows you to analyze smart contract data with simple SQL queries (used to interact with a database) and easily visualize and share the information you’ve collected with the community.

These queries and dashboards you’re able to create and explore using DuneAnalytics are two of the most important features of the platform.

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