35m series arr 21m series

35m series arr 21m series

SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RudderStack, the customer data platform (CDP) for developers, announced today that it has raised $21 million in Series A funding led by Kleiner Perkins. RuderStack will use the funds to continue to build its technology platform and infrastructure to provide developers with the open, flexible tools they need to build customer data infrastructure.

“Even though we live in an amazing time for data and tooling, building a scalable, secure, integrated customer data platform is still really hard,” said Soumyadeb Mitra, founder and CEO, RudderStack. “RSDX, the latest release of RudderStack, is the culmination of all we’ve learned from our customers about how they want to build and manage their customer data platforms, built as a system that combines our CDP capabilities with a developer-first design. We’re excited to partner with Kleiner Perkins to accelerate our mission of making data engineers the heroes of their companies.”

Customer data is part of the fabric of digital business.

As customer data projects become more important to every digital business, engineering teams are increasingly responsible for sourcing the data that drives the customer journey. Unfortunately, developers face a poor choice of tools to help them build the required infrastructure, one that’s often between closed solutions designed for marketers, or building everything from scratch, which requires time and resources for low-level plumbing problems.

RudderStack is providing developers with the open, flexible tools they need to build customer data infrastructure. As the leading open source CDP, RudderStack’s data pipelines make it easy to collect customer data from every application, website and SaaS platform, then activate it in the warehouse and business tools.

Announcing RSDX: the first CDP built for developers.

RSDX combines Customer Data Platform capabilities, including out of the box connectors for over 150 apps, with a developer-first design that allows it to work the way developers already do, supporting Git workflows, programmable pipelines and native integrations with core systems like Snowflake and Kafka.

RudderStack RSDX is open source and warehouse-first, meaning it doesn’t store any of your data and builds the CDP on your warehouse. It also provides DevOps tools for the CDP, meaning developers can manage customer data within their existing CI/CD workflow.

“RudderStack poses an open, developer-friendly alternative to the patchwork of SaaS services and internal tools most companies rely on to sync and process customer data. The end result is the industry’s first unified substrate for customer data movement,” said Bucky Moore, partner at Kleiner Perkins. “We were impressed by how quickly into the life of the company that open-source use was translating to large enterprise adoption. Companies like Crate and Barrel are using RSDX to create a better customer experience by blending the inspiration of physical retail with data-driven personalized engagement online — an impossibility before RudderStack.”

About RudderStack RudderStack is the customer data platform (CDP) for developers. The company delivers a new, developer-first approach to building and operating customer data infrastructure. To learn more, visit rudderstack.com.

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